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I want you to dig deep

To be honest I didn't pick up this title from my own volition, rather others told me that I should have a look at it based on its portrayal of women.  Granted that a majority of this issue occurs within a strip club, but even considering that I did not find anything to be particularly gratuitous.  The story is focused around Voodoo, who is supposedly an alien shapeshifter and a team of agents from some organization which is following her.  Granted the context of the story would have worked anywhere, certainly Voodoo could have been a nurse working at a hospital or a clerk at a store and the end result would have been similar, but instead of getting dragged into the potentially lascivious world which this is based in, it instead has a more realistic enough look at this life.  The girls seem happy enough on stage, but just happy enough to seem like they want to be there.  Behind the scenes they are not talking about the job, they are talking about paying the bills or raising kids.  Again this could have worked in other settings, but they made it work here, and without seeming exploitative.  As for the story itself, it was interesting enough to stand on its own merits, sort of an intergalactic manhunt/espionage thriller, with both a strong female presence in Voodoo and in one of the agents sent to track her.   its not the best that came out this month, but it is good enough to provide something to build on.

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