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Black Panther vs Vlad
Black Panther vs Vlad

Vlad Dinu was born in Romania, where he was raised in an orphanage, until he was taken by the government. The Romanian dictator, Ceausescu, attempted to recreate the super solider serum by having scientist use orphans as test subjects. Vlad was the only child to survive the procedure and managed to escape.

From there, he worked himself up in the criminal world and eventually traveled to America. He saw an opportunity to take over Hells Kitchen, after Daredevil had gone away due to the events of Shadowland. However, Daredevil made a deal with the Black Panther, to protect Hell's Kitchen while he was gone. Vlad crossed paths Panther multiple times before he was eventually defeated and captured.

Powers and Abilities

Vlad has undergone the super-soldier process and possesses the same strength and agility as Steve Rogers. Along with that, he gained the ability to convert matter to energy for a short while. He utilizes this ability by turning blades into energy and impaling his targets.

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