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The Avengers' odd couple star in their own mini-series! Scarlet Witch and Vision have enough challenges in their marriage; she is a hot blooded mystic mutant, while Vision is a calculating automaton. Together they are an unstoppable force in battle. In their first issue, Scarlet Witch faces a gaggle of demonic foes on Halloween. Good thing she brought back-up!

It's Halloween, and the Vision and Scarlet Witch are visited by more than trick-or-treaters.

Having quit the Avengers, they have just moved into their new home in New Jersey. Jarvis arrives and gives them a Druidic book that Captain America picked up on a previous adventure. The book is magic and casts a glamour on three local trick-or-treaters, turning them into a real ghost, goblin, and jack o'lantern, who then proceed to attack the two ex-Avengers and Jarvis. Meanwhile, Samhain, a powerful ancient spirit of Halloween, arises out of the book. The Vision fights off the monsters while the Scarlet Witch takes on Samhain. At first, she is unable to affect him with her hex bolts, but eventually she mixes her mutant powers and her knowledge of real magic to defeat him. The children are turned back to normal. Then a knock comes at the door: Robert Frank, previously believed to be the father of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, appears.

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