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This book has two sections. One has a prelude to Devi and the second to Ramayan 3392 AD.

Prelude to Devi

Bala, the creation of God himself turned out to be evil and turned against their creators. The pure Gods realized that individually they were no match for Bala, the demon GOD. So under the instruction of Bodha, the King of Gods, they sacrificed a part of their divine power to create a single entity and blessed this divine being of power and named her Devi.

The GODs were so wounded by Bala's betrayal that they did not give this entity an immortal form, for they were afraid of what might come to pass if ever such a great power decided to turn on them. Instead they gave the Durabhyasa the secret rights for infusing the Devi entity into a human host. Thus making her more than human - an avatar of divine power. A Godess with a thousand faces - A Devi.

There is a short story where Devi saves a baby from Bala's follower who is in the process of the baby's sacrifice to evil entities. Only a divine power such as Devi could do that. Inspector Rahul Singh works with Devi to protect Sitapur, the city where Tara Mehta, the current host of Devi lives.

Prelude to Ramayan 3392 AD

A short preview story where Laxman, the brother of Lord Rama is in a battle with Ravan, the evil demon. The army of monkeys are on the side of Ram in the battle against the demon's army. During the fight, Ravan casts the invincible flame at Lord Rama while Laxman jumps in between and saves Ram. What really happens to Laxman is to be seen in Ramayan Reborn issue and the story carries further on in subsequent issues of Ramayan 3392 AD volume.

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