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In the late '60s, Vietnam was a very unpleasant place for American soldiers. Despite that, every platoon had its would-be comedian, and Vincent "Gonny" Goring was one of them.

A good friend to John Custer and Billy Baker, Goring was nicknamed "Gonny" because he had picked up gonorrhea during his tour. He was always ready to make everyone laugh. Baker said, "He could make you laugh at your own momma's funeral." And so everyone looked after him. Gonny was kind of small and weak, clumsy and not too bright, but likable and, essentially, harmless.

That probably made his death all the more unfortunate.

Despite being obviously sick with malaria, Gonny was sent with Custer and Baker by their immediate superior to check out an abandoned village. During the search, he was killed by an old woman who blew herself - and Gonny - to pieces with a grenade.

Gonny's death was eventually avenged by Custer and Baker, who sent the man responsible down the hill in a latrine barrel to be killed by the Viet Cong.

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