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Vin seems to have a crush on Carlie Cooper. To make things more complicated, it seems Carlie has a crush on Peter Parker who is Vin's roommate. Vin and Peter recently had a argument because of Peter's problems at the DB, Vin thought that Peter still had his job and Vin was giving Peter news tips but Peter didn't decide to tell Vin until he had found a job. Vin thought that Peter was playing him and that made Vin very angry.

After his return from jail (Amazing Spider-Man #647) it is revealed that he is in league with Norman Osborn, possibly either through indoctrination or intimidation. At a Halloween party Vin made what seemed to be an intimidating remark towards Harry Osbourn's son Stanley which really got under harry's skin. Later when the party was over without his kid in tow Harry meets Vin again this time letting him know if anyone ever threatened his son he would be in a position where he should'nt hold back and proceeds to shocking Vin with a high tech stun gun, with Vin helpless on the ground Harry tells Vin that he is in control unlike his father and then starts to brutally assault him. Afterwards with his hands all bloody Harry tells Vin he never really liked him for finding him to dull and for never laughing at his jokes and Norman may have took Lily away from him in every possible way but Stanely is the the only part of her that he is keeping.

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