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I was going to say hi to you at Wonder Con yesterday G- Man since I saw you filming these but I didn't want to bug you when you were working.

Manapul is seriously one of the funniest guys. He had me rolling at the Batman Panel and I can't wait to see where Detective Comics goes from that great first issue. More Harvey is always a good thing.

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What they don't reveal is that an army of mind-controlled Dr. Guerrero clones are bringing the dirt into the arena with wheelbarrows.

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Francis Manapul has cool hair.

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I can't wait for the issue where it is revealed that Dr. Guerrero swapped minds with Batman just before he died. #LongLiveBatrrero

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Love what you guys are doing with Detective. Keep it up.

Any word on who's doing the two issues when Manapul takes a break?

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Real excited for what's to come with Manapul & Booch's run on Detective Comics. Love their work on The Flash and just love this creative team in general. Can't wait for more!

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Bisita ka naman dito sa Pilipinas Francis! Dami mong fans dito. Haha