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James Robinson has kinda earned his place in my comic book fan heart over this last year. Cry for Justice, despite all the criticism, was a good series. It was a bold movement by DC, but I think it's paying off. The new status quo they are preparing for the Green Arrow family looks really interesting. And I'm REALLY enjoying the current New Krypton problems in Superman, too.  Thanks, James! 
PS: His accent ROCKS :P

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You and James should be on a first name bases by now Babs.
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The events kind of rehash the podcast he was a guest on. I think he's purposely ribbing Babs when it came to Dick Grayson and Starfire. He knows full well that there is a button there. Only thing he left out was Red L.A.M.P.'s "Brazilian" joke. That would of been funny.  Might even see her leap for his throat then. lol
He brings up a valid point about Green Arrow. Why diminish his character in order to replace him with some younger version?
I am starting to wonder if Babs asked anyone in the know at DC about the plans for Cassandra. Especially since Bruce is returning. Seeing how she admitted he was her reason for taking on that fight. Perhaps I should check the other videos or pose that question via the formspring.

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if anyone from the DC Comics reads this - PLEASE REMOVE MARK BAGLEY FROM MY BOOK. HIS ART IS A SH!T. THANK YOU

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Fantastic interview.
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He's a great dood to see interviewed.  You can tell he knows what he's doing, he's thought it through immensely, and he's excited about what he's going to get to do.  Those are three great things to see in any writer. 
However, I'm also curious as to why there were no questions about the War of the Supermen thing that's coming up, which I believe he's involved with...and given that Free Comic Book Day is only 22 days away, it seemed a bit relevant to me.

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Interesting :) 4 I loved Cry for Justice! How awesome was Congo Bill?