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I can't wait to see Boba.
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yeahh woot new zealand!!!!! farr man the storm troopers in the starwars animated series dont sound anything at all like there sposed to they sound austrailian or sumthing.
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OMG i love the NZ accent XD 
he seems like a great guy!!

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@.Mistress Redhead.:
yeah bro im from nz  its like the shizzzlin mc nizzle here buzz
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@.Mistress Redhead.: He cracked me up after the interview. We have a tiny bit more footage we'll use at some point. Great guy.
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@G-Man: have you ever seen the famous NZ clip of the beached whale? He seemed like a great guy! 
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@.Mistress Redhead.: 
thats shits funny as but the thing is ppl actually talk like that here lol    
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He seems like a really grounded cool guy.  Cool accent too!

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@.Mistress Redhead.:
lol love it
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I hope they have return in Season 3

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yeah i met him when he came to frankandson's

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One of the nicest and hyperactive guys I've met - he really loves his fans

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He's a very personable young man. :)