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I'm pretty sure I saw a character saying "Yolo".

I'll definitely give it a look at the comic shop tomorrow

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Really enjoyed the video. I would like to hear more about your thoughts on different titles like you did here. Also, intrigued by the next upcoming video that might be a little weird...

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@g_man: Yea, with the art? I'm not the biggest fan either but the story more than makes up for it and it helps that Land hasn't been on it for a few issues now.

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@jonny_anonymous: I should get caught up. Obviously I had certain issues. I'm still buying it. Maybe I'll dig 'em out.

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I think Might Avengers is a much better representative of a "normal" Avengers book as opposed to the crazy sci fi of Avengers/New Avengers

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@apocalyptic_p: Well, we wanna make it worth being a member. We totally appreciate it. Sure getting no ads is nice but we have been talking about doing more of these and other stuff. There'll be another vid this week, different topic, that might be a little weird...

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Like the new video. Keep em coming