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I really have to start reading Power Girl now. 

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I agreed with G-Man, it was great but it was definitely hindered by being a wrap-up/re-visiting issue since the creative team was leaving. Tons of fun though.  
I hope the next creative team can continue to focus on PG's personality as they flesh out her corner of the DCU. This team did a great job of injecting a lot of personality that caught a lot of people's attention. Really surprised that I found myself picking up issues of Power Girl every month.

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I'm really gonna miss the creative team! :(

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I'd like to see if they collect these, because it looked like a really fun run.  I'm definitely really digging the artwork. 
If Judd Winnick is up next, I think the series should be in good hands, though.

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I have to say that looking at Powergirl's spa outfit. What men would wear was FAR from my mind.
Here's hoping the new team follows the previous one's lead.

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hmmm sounds promising...

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The creative team will be missed.... lets hope the next team doesn't botch it up!
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This could have been a lot more, but was a worthy end to this run, gonna miss Jimmy, Justin and most definitely Amanda. Don't screw up Winick

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I've followed this Comic from issue no 1 and This team is going to be sorely missed I say!!
They've COMPLETELY changed Power Girl and what I thought of her in my mind!
Lets hope the new team can keep up and keep it going??!?!

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Automatically i would normally say no to this series, but i heard from some friends that the first couple issues were great. I picked up one issue and fell in love. Im a guy and i like this series? Never thought i would. This creative team was amazing. These guys should write for Deadpool and make it funny again. Im really hoping the next team doesnt ruin this series for me. 
P.S. I really felt like Amanda Conner gave us a different side to Power Girl with her art. I want to read anything else she draws to see her interpretations of other characters. I guess she got another fan from this series. :)

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You bend your comics??? Noooooo! The horror!

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@LightBright said:
" I really have to start reading Power Girl now.  "
Same here...
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I had a feeling you guys would review PG #12    Thanks!!  ^_^
When I read it the first time I had the same opinion as G-Man. I wanted more, I wanted PG & Satanna to clash again. But once I thought about it and read it a few more times, this was definitely a more ideal way to wrap things up. Felt like the season finale of comedy-drama series, the only thing missing was the credits. 

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I thought that this issue should've had more bang.  I just thought that the beginning was a little dull as far as the dialogue(def. not the art =).  This has been a fantastic series.  It's sad that Gray/Palmiotti/Conner are off the series but I think Judd Winnick can get the job done.
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G-Man has more energy than normal....

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im gonna miss the team :(, i hope the next creative team can keep up the amazing job as conner and palmiotti

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Power Girl is  hot! I saw "Batman and Superman:Public Enemies" which I loved and bought, and I thought, "woah, what a body!" She seems so innocent and naive, and then she rips into one of the heroes when he attacks Batman. Love it!
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Power Girl or Supergirl. My vote is Supergirl. Oh and why in the world is Powergirl's boobs so freaking big.

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I admit I wasn't a fan of Power Girl before this serie. I always felt that she lacked both a precise niche in the DCU - being the zillionth Kryptonian style fltying brick - and she lacked a definite personality too. This serie completly reworked the character from the basics. Now I really hoep that the new creative team will do a decent work, but my expectations aren't too high.

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After issue #9 I bought #1-#8 and I really had a lot of fun!!!
A pity the creative team leaves...
But, I can´t wait to see Winick´s Power Girl turns up gay and had a hot affair with...Batwoman! ;)

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Oh no, say it isn't so! I love the current creative team especially Amanda Conner. Her artwork on the Power Girl issues are amazing. I hope this will not be a downfall to the series like Catwoman and Harley Quinn. When Jim Balent and the Dodsons left those projects, the new issues sucked really bad and they were never the same again. 
Is DC Comics not paying them enough?! Aaaarrgh!! XD

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I have never been more sad to see a creative team go! They made me love a character I never cared for before and I don't want to see Power Girl take a step back... not that I think the next creative team will do that necessarily, just that I think it's going to be very hard to follow in Palmiotti/Conner's footsteps. I will definitely continue to buy this book now and hope that it keeps things up. These first 12 issues were my favorite comics of the past months by far!

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Why do I have a gut feeling that based on the solicits of the Winnick run of Power Girl, he's going to wreck her and give her another generic depressing scenario? That's all he does, he turned Mia into an HIV-positive person, he made Dick suspect if Bruce had something to do with his parents' murders, this man is always a mood kill. I hope I can be proven wrong.

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Message to new creative team: DON'T DROP THE BALL!

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This new creative team has some big "bras" to fill. (rim shot) *yeah I know bad joke

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hell yeah powergirl! hot.

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WEEEEE!!!!!! positivity is fun!!!!

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Kudos to Dr. Sivana.  
We salute your, sir.