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sounds cool I'll try and pick it up.
Should I be following Detective Comics?

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This issue was great. A self-contained story that revisits Dick's early years, with O'Neill writing and Dustin Nguyen at the pencils? 5/5 for me. I loved everything in this issue. The art, the writing, the overall feeling... it was great.

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If i had enough money to pick up a random comic i would pick this up. But im only allowing myself up to 12 comics a week. Well 10 but if i need to, 12.

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That is the link to my review.
I loved this issue because its a story about "Batman".  Why we need Batman, being Bruce or Dick.  Batman is bigger then the man.  Welcome back Denny!

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Babs said:  " ....he(Dustin Nguyen)'s just that good[because he is able to change his artistic style]. "
In my opinion, the covers that he draws are stunning. 
Although, his "other work"(basically all of the interior work he draws), made from his "other artistic styles," just strikes me as juvenile and subpar.  
It prevented me from buying/reading "Batman:Streets of Gotham", along with some other stories.

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I'm really enjoying the Dick Grayson Batman stuff so you saying this reads more like a Bruce story puts me off a bit. I have really enjoyed Batwoman's run in Detective comics and my big question now is: What will happen with her? It was announced that she would be getting her own Batwoman title but I have heard nothing since that initial announcement. Anyone know anything about that? And will the Question Second feature continue in there or will it remain in Detective Comic. Or, will it be gone all together? Any answers would be much appreciated 

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I might be buying this issue now

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sounds nice!
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With The Return of Bruce Wayne dominating the Battitles it is fun seeing these type of one-shot stories that is just a fun comic that is self contained. Not everything has to tie into everything else. We already have Batman and Robin, Batman, Red Robin, and Return of Bruce Wayne focusing on Bruce's return so issues like this are fun and one's that you can hand to people not up to date with Batman and the whole Bruce coming back and they can enjoy it. 
The only problem I had with the issue was the inner narration with how O'Neil would switch between him narrating the story and giving Dick inner monologue. The boxes for both were the same gray color box so it was hard to tell when we had Dick having inner monologue or when O'Neil was narrating. 
Overall I agree with your guys rating and give this issue a 4 out of 5. Great review.
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I picked up both the trades of private casebook and heart of hush a couple weeks ago, just cos of the good things i heard about Dustin Nguyen from Babs and G-Man. So, I should thank you guys.  
I cant wait to pick up the trade for the first volume for streets of gotham.

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you guys have the same clothes on as in the avengers #2 unscripted review
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"It didn't feel like Dick" lol

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@KevinMerrill said:

""It didn't feel like Dick" lol "

Thank you for not making me be the one to say it! lol 
And does anyone else get the feeling that they're building Dick up as a credible Batman only to kill him off when Bruce comes back?
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i loved this issue.and   Derek Fridolfs not dustin's pencils for the cartoon flashback are amazing

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Am I the only one who's going to miss dick-bats when bruce shows?

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There will not be another battle for the cowl. Bruce will come back and Dick will give up the cowl, or Bruce will just kick his ass, and take his cowl back.
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Maybe they're showing Nightwings skills so they can give the detective comics title to him.

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bring back batwoman.

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there are only 2 possible ways this shakes out: 
1)  Bruce returns, allows Dick to be Batman while he pursues other endeavors...  
2)  Bruce returns & it's Dick Grayson R.I.P.  (ya, he dies)
Ask yourself the question that G-man briefly alluded too, "why would they invest SO much time into showing that Dick could INDEED be a worthy Batman if they are just going to have him hand back the Cowl AGAIN???" 
Makes NO sense from a writer's perspective...  Only 2 answers people:  Dick is Batman, or Dick is Dead...
If u disagree, then u don't know Dick...  :D