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I hate the artwork and the story is week!  It is the first issue and they can't even fill it without a back up story.  The 1994 was the best Black Cat mini-series with great art!  Why does marvel have to continue getting cheap when it comes to artist?  Hire Ed Benes, Mariah Benes, Al Rio, or j. scott Campbell just too name a few. 
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Posted By The Stegman

i dont like her relationship with spidey...i just dont feel that spidey, as a character would have a "friends with benefits" relationship with her, he's too..noble for that

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Posted By Omega Ray Jay

Really liked the art & the story was good. I'd say about a three to, (plus I'm a sucker for Felicia) it was good to see a little more depth in her character.  I'l pick up the next issue.

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Posted By NXH

Not a good week for comics. =(

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The art seems really cool.  I dunno, I guess if you're a fan of Black Cat, you probably really SHOULD read it, regardless of its "importance" to other storylines currently going on.

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The art doesn't really 'pop' in the comic as I would want to, but it is cool art and I like how Black Cat's acrobatics were translated into the comic....

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not really into art like that, doesnt keep my attention

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I agree with you guys. This was only an ´okay´ issue. I expected so much more, especially since I like Black Cat as a character but once more I was let down with a Spider-Man mini-series - just like the Jackpot one!
Black Cat has way more potential, so why don´t start using it? I´ll read the further issues and I hope it will become better *fingers crossed*

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Posted By Blackestnight1

Not a good week for comics. Well I'm hoping the Hulk will be good.

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@Bloodstonefreak:  That was before Brand New Day. As of right now, Felicia is like almost everyone else and doesn't know who Spider man is. Peter and Felicia are just "having fun" by keeping their masks on...or rather turn out the lights when they're doing...."fun" things lol.
I gave this issue 3 and a half stars, but its not showing up on the page.
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Great review guys!  One thing, though...I thought Felicia knew that Spidey was Peter.  I thought that when they started this "relationship" they "did the deed" with no costumes and then Felicia told him that if it were to continue masks would have to be on.  I could be wrong, I'll have to go back a reread those issues (even though, like G-Man, I'm not a fan of their "sleeping habits").

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I like the cover because i love Amanda Conners' art.
When am i going to see more now that shes done with Power Girl :(

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Cover looks a lot like the DC Tangent comics covers. Art meh. Story meh meh. 2 stars for this one. Thanks for the review!
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I agree.  I like the 60s vibe.  The text on the cover, etc...  I hope they don't waste this opportunity to start something.