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Love it! This was a great issue and I only follow spiderman . I'm not a hard core spidey guy!

Posted by MusicReviewer

great review
Posted by deadpoolmerc

Posted by Baddamdog

I love all the spiders!! I think it's so cool how they're bringing them all together, especially Arachne and Ezekiel who are usually forgotten

Posted by EdwardWindsor
@G-Man sounds awesome i love the ties to famous spidey arc i like they include the other spiders i just hope riley isnt the one thats bites the bullet and zombie kraven is just cover art since i agree Kravens death was so well done that it would ruin it by bringing him back
Posted by InnerVenom123

This issue was AMAZING.

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Awesome, but Babs should have given it a 5 lol

Posted by NXH

Coming Home was a great story. I would imagine I got the same kind of shock value when G-Man read Kraven's Last Hunt.
Posted by Joey Ravn

I love the face Babs puts when she says "3.5". It's like "soooooooorry" *puppy eyes* :P 
That's the problem with bringing iconic characters like this is that they are actually diminishing the impact their deaths had at the time. Jason Todd, for example. Now Kraven. These are characters that, IMO, work much, much better when they are dead. With OMIT and all that, I really hope Uncle Ben stays dead <.< 

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Nice review, I was sort of staying away because I was unsure about it.  I love Spider-Man but haven't caught up with his current stuff yet.  So I may have to read this later as a trade.
Most comics now a days are too convoluted that you have to have read or at least know about several different story lines.  I was in a comic store recently with my brother and his friend, he doesn't really read much comic stuff, and suddenly I realized that most of the comics on sale today aren't exactly new reader friendly.  To understand whats going on today you need to know what has happened for the past two years almost.

Posted by brewski420

this issue was so amazing. i can't wait to see where this arc goes. and i can't wait to see Ben Reilly make his appearence in this arc. i'm sure he will come in soon, cause Ezekiel returned from the dead so why not Reilly?
Posted by Midnightist

Babs I really wish you could have given it a 5 but anyway this issue is great and I, glad they brought up so much of Spider-man history although I don't think Kraven will really be revived remember it is just a cover I'm mean this cover has Kraven or his hand risen and that never happened at all.

Posted by longbowhunter

I dropped Spidey mid-Gauntlet. I think I'm okay with not reading this. The art does look great though!
Posted by FoxxFireArt

The variety in scores is why these duel reviews work so well.
Zombies are about as over played as vampires.
I always thought it would be funny of some PETA person would throw paint on Kraven's lion jacket. He's probably hunt the jerk down and some back wearing a new jacket. You don't know what that one is made out of. lol.

Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney

Spider-man still has the powers that he got from the other except he just does not remember that he has them due to OMD

Posted by growup

Babs just doesn't like Spidey

Posted by cosmic master

Uhh I think I'm quite a few issues behind with Spider-man, guess I'll have to splurge to get caught back up. 
On the topic of Kraven returning I think its quite a stupid idea. He'd bested Spider-man and proved he was superior, meaning in his eyes his life was complete. If they bring him back now I think it will totally undermine his character

Posted by KevinL007

 I loved this issue as it feels like a big Spider-Man event that is happening within the ongoing title and calls on all the nostalgia that I have for this series as I have read a lot of the Amazing Spider-Man back-issues when I was a kid. At the same time I can understand why some fans, that like Babs, can get lost a bit reading this issue as it does call on some 80s and 90s ASM issues. It is understandable.

Grim Hunt is like the War of the Supermen, Return of Bruce Wayne, and Second Coming. If you have been reading those titles for some time and kept up with all the issues that came before those events than you understand more of what is going on in the story and enjoy it more than a new reader that is just jumping in to the story with this issue. It is just the nature of doing these long-term stories that call on a characters history which is what makes comics great and at the same time is a weakness.

Great review guys as you both made valid points for the reason you gave the rating you gave for this issue.

Posted by CylonDorado

That's so... Kraven.
Posted by Comiclove5
@CylonDorado said:
"That's so... Kraven. "
@Red_Justice said:
"Babs just doesn't like Spidey "

I agree.
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Well if u don't kno much about the characters.......go visit their profile page.

Posted by conformist21

if kraven comes back, so help me god, 
so help me.

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AWESOME!!! G-man went with the vid. Babs rating was disappointing but she does make a valid point. This is a story for the hardcore fans of spider-man history. This issue was amazing imo. I honestly hope they don't bring back Kraven. (I like to point out that this is like the first review where you guy actually discussed spoilers-nice)
Posted by ImperiousRix

Sound cool.  Hope they collect this series.

Posted by Grendel

She's right. 
And there's no reason for Kraven to come back.

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Shoot me but I am ready for one consistent spidey writer.  The write by committee is meh.  I'm cool with it if they do blocks like one month is slot, one month is van lente, etc.  Is this done by one author or committee? 
I'm really glad too see they are moving back to a proper spider continuity.  Yes the clone saga was bad in application, but in reference it has some cool potential to be retconed geoff johns style.  Basically Marvel needs to give SM to an amazing ballsy author (IMO) that will do some awesome niptuck's to continuity, and make the character bad ass again.  
I LOVE Incredible Herc, but its kinda sad when one of marvel's best books is Incredible herc (and also awesome no doubt).

Posted by baker1skter

ive never really read spiderman. is it a good idea to pick up here ?

Posted by sora_thekey
@Red_Justice said:
" Babs just doesn't like Spidey "
I don't think that she doesn't like the character.... it's more like she doesn't like the title!
Usually Spider-Man is a fill in character, which is why he fits so well in the Avengers teams, but when put on the spotlight the problems seem to overwhelm the story.
I was never a fan of Kraven, I seriously never thought of him as a serious character, but after reading this I was a bit confused by what the fascination with this character was... (Even a friend of mine who doesn't read comics thinks that Kraven is the best rouge from the video games and the TV show)
So because of this I went and read his history over a CV... and some of it on the Free Issue that came out last month to get and idea of him... and apparently he's really important, something i overlooked.
So in my case this issue would be a 4.5/5 rather than a perfect 5 because i am not that fond of the Kraven family, although I do have new-found respect for the characters
Posted by InnerVenom123

Really hoping that cover is a symbolic thing. REALLY HOPING. 
If they do bring back Kraven....... just.... ugh....

Posted by leokearon

I hope the Scarlet Spider turns up
Posted by Aspenite

I friggin´ hated what happened to one of the "spiders"...but nevertheless it was a good issue!

Posted by growup
@sora_thekey: I think Babs can speak for herself and also I don't think the idea that Spider-man, Marvel's Flagship character is a "fill in character".
Posted by gmanfromheck
@waruikumo said:

" Shoot me but I am ready for one consistent spidey writer.   "

 I heard a rumor that this is what might be happening.
Posted by sora_thekey
@Red_Justice said:
" @sora_thekey: I think Babs can speak for herself and also I don't think the idea that Spider-man, Marvel's Flagship character is a "fill in character". "
I wasn't trying to put words in her mouth just saying what it seems to be... 
Spider-Man is a fill in character in the Avengers books. While Cap's confrontations with Iron Man are shown in the Avengers book while Spidey's interactions with any of the team's members is addressed in Amazing. So he is a fill in character in those books.
Posted by Aspenfan1

I have been loving Spider-Man since BND.   I can not wait to read this.  But I will have to wait for the PHC.  

Posted by Ovidyuu

the issue was good but the art is incredibly bad

Posted by spidey 15
@Ovidyuu said:
" the issue was good but the art is incredibly bad "
I disagree. The art is pretty awesome but this is personal preference...=]
Posted by FatBoiFreshh

spiderman is the best all round good guy ever !!! gman 5 was a perfect score !!!

Posted by RomaTotti10

 Really a 3.5! Come on Babs this is clearly a 5 out of 5.

Posted by ComicCrazy

I gotta agree with G-man it would really take away from the effect of kraven's last hunt if he came back.
Posted by waruikumo
@G-Man said:
" @waruikumo said:

" Shoot me but I am ready for one consistent spidey writer.   "

 I heard a rumor that this is what might be happening. "
Yes, Please......As long as its not Brian Reed.  Just not feeling his interpretation of spidey.  And after reading Grim Hunt 1 and 2 I am really liking this series.  Now I have to go fill back in my "gauntlet" run.  the first issue of Shed is dam bloody hard to find in chicago.
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Awsome review i am so  going to check this out g-man did really good on telling us of this first issue.