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I definitely agree. I really enjoyed this issue. Felt like a good ending. 
I did feel like DA16 had a lot of important information that maybe should've been in "Siege" since it had a lot of news that impacted the Marvel U. 
And yes, Moonstone is a Thunderbolt member...as to the why, well...that's what issue one is for, haha.

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I totally want to read this! 
I haven't gone to the comic book store in a week... so ugh!
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Epic ending.

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Daken rules in this issue

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Cant wait to read this and siege on trade.

Mike D Jr's art looks better than ever. I used to be not that so keen on his style but he really has grown on me lately.

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Babs seems to pleased as she denies saying who escapes, then goes all Borat.
The way things end for Osborn reminds me of something my Psych teacher used to talk about. That in the real world that true villains are extremely rare. Everyone is a hero in their own mind and is doing what they think is the right thing to do. The way how everyone finds a way to justify themselves.
A person could commit an absolutely heinous crime, but in their own mind see it as justified or make some kind of excuse. It doesn't make it right. It's just how they see them self.

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i really really enjoyed this issue. it definetly was better then Siege and the art was amazing.

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I read both Siege and Dark Avengers, one right after the other, and I had mixed them up.  They became one comic in my mind.  So they worked perfectly together.  I haven't read all the other's like the last New Avengers story or the Sentry one, but I think they probably all paint a wonderful epic ending if they are all read.
This is probably one of the few cases where I will buy more than one tie in.
I liked the ending, especially Norman's talk at the end.  Showing that even he, as crazy and murderous as he is still wants to be a hero and sees himself as a hero.  Most bad guys do.
Great comic.

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Normans hair is made of tootsie rolls.
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well miss this series top notch quality 
cant wait for secret  avengers. 
one dark avenger is going to be in new avengers and moonstone is in thunderbolts

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I enjoyed Dark Avengers #16 and Avengers Finale a lot more then Siege #4

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Definitely better than Seige...they should have just made it one issue longer and included most of this issue and the New Avengers Finale but regardless this issue was good and I am satisfied with all that has transpired although I was thinking why didn't Moonstone just go intangible?...

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I'm just sad because this book could continue with the remaining members.  This issue is basically what Siege #4 lacked.  A fitting end to Osborn.  May he rot in crazy.
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Babs is so playful in this video.

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the only thing i didn't like about Dark Avengers is the whole set-up of "Norman's Secret Weapon" and Dark Avengers revealed it was simply the void. Pretty useless buildup, but besides that the tie-in was really solid.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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nooooooooooooooooooooooo! not the tootsie rolls
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so, who got away?

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I'd give it a 3 because allot of historical continuity has been ignored, like the fact  that Barton lead the Thunderbolts and had had a relationship with Moonstone...
He is just standing there as an extra...perhaps he is to ashamed to turn around and say to Mockingbird:
                         -By the way honey.....I slept with Karla Sofen a.k.a. Moonstone....-
There is not even a mean stare between them.....

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Now I must buy it...I think there was a copy left at the store...

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I've read it. 
I think the rating suffer for comparison with Siege 4, (That I've readed too.) that was horrible and somewhat inconsistent. For me, it's a good issue, but it's not worth a 5, maybe a 4 Max. 
But it's good anyway. Maybe I'll write I review to justify myself more fully.
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Great series, shame Siege was more smoke than fire though as G-man said the tie ins told the story.

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Daken has a Reckoning to attend to

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What I don't understand about this issue is that Karla could have phased through Tony and escaped

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The only Siege tie in I had to buy was the new Mutants part in it. Savin some Money!
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anybody knows now where HAMMER stands for now...Wonder if HAMMER has something in common with Hammer or Hydra

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ive really enjoyed Dark Avengers! i have a new found love for the Sentry. great series!

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I loved Dark Avengers and I loved the tie in :) like G-Man said, its guna be interesting to see what happens to tthem all from now, obviously we know Dakens still busy with Wolverine but what about Bullseye? Venom?
Plus, I haven't been following secret warriors (sadly?) but I wana know where Phobos goes from here?

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Just finished reading this and it was a great end to the series, I really enjoyed his letter at the end although I'm a bit upset that Bendis will teaming up with JRJR in the Avengers book, I'm slowly becoming unimpressed with his artwork and won't be getting that Avengers title. However, I will be picking up Burbaker/Deodato's Secret Avengers book, there is just something about the team and I can't wait to see how they interact both on and off missions.

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I thought it was a great issue and great finale. I mean, honestly, Dark Reign ends how we all thought it would with Norman being jailed and looking like a fool. But you go into his thought process and you can sort of understand what he was doing. If he had it a little more together and without the Green Goblin, he could have pulled it off. Art was also amazing, not sure why Deldotto hasn't done a bigger arc like Siege but I hope he gets his shot at one.

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I think H.A.M.M.E.R. has no meaning.  Think of it as action without purpose.  An empty word just for show and that's why everything Norman built is now destroyed. 
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did anybody else think " shoruken" when luke cage smacks done bullesye