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Bad time to release this when Pokemon Go is out, rip

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Posted by Tattacus

Was quite excited until "Mobile" popped up.

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Posted by StormShadow_X

Bad time to release this when Pokemon Go is out, rip

@tattacus said:

Was quite excited until "Mobile" popped up.

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The concept would work better as a console game, but I guess the Arkham series is getting treated with less and less scrutiny.

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Posted by xblah_blahx

Wasn't in the iPhone App Store.

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If only mobile games appealed to me more. I feel like so much focus is put on mobile gaming these days, but it's just not for me.

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Will check this out on my HTC tablet. I'm not into the Pokemon merchandise. Still haven't had the time though. :(

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if i were into mobile games i would definitely play this

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Fun game can't wait to see if they will add more villains in future updates or events like other freemium apps.

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