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stoked for this game

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awesome, you can spawn some creators too, prepare to suffer Geoff Johns...

Also what's the deal with Brown Doomsday??? They keep showing him, have I missed something?

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Adding Snowflame made this game an insta-buy for me.

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Batcow!!! Yes! Thank you @g_man

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I remember seeing this video at Gamespot and was definitely surprise to see you @g_man. I also noticed you didn't talk much. Any reason why?

I was hoping for someone to ask if Static Shock and Gear were in the game. I guess I should have found out about the twitter posting earlier. -____-

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Shame it's not on any of the platforms I have (360,PS3,Mac) :(

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YES!!! This got me SO hyped for some reason. Can't wait to play with every DC character I can think of!

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Cool :)

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I may have to buy a 3DS now...

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@mucklefluga: just what I thought :-)

I first have to pay off my PS4 preorder including 3 games and my Sideshow Premium Format Batman for october, but after that, I NEED to play this!