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Scrabble ... more like Words With Friends With Benefits. :)

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I love it!

three contributors, but a definitive list of the best stuff. Thanks G-Man, et al.

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@overlander: They are appreciated. I do read through as many as I can before filming as well.

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@g_man: Wow, it seems like next week you will probably hit a landmark for the 100th episode!!!! I gotta a lot of bad days of my life with chalk since I am allergic to try to imagine how bad that was going up to the board not knowing you are allergic until you touch the chalk or telling the teachers to have the chalk holders. Trust me it really bad, thank god for marker boards when I got older, lol. Wow, this week had a lot of sexual terms like scrabble and the wee wee one was really funny Tony, lol.

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Lol Tony isn't going to stop with the Synder hating horses conspiracy anytime soon.

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You don't need that backdrop. Your office is cooler :P

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@g_man: The Baxter Building murders were mentioned in Daredevil: End of Days

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@g_man: I wonder if that's an event they will do at some point

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@jonny_anonymous: I'd be down with that. I really dug END OF DAYS. I have no problem reading well written and drawn alternate future stories, if that's how they want to play it. If they didn't want to lock it into current continuity. But you have to wonder about the other things listed too. "Avengers Disappear," "Thanos Colony," "Apocalypse Into Space"... Bendis did allude a lot before when he did the timeline thing in AVENGERS in 2010. He even mentioned "Yesterday's X-Men" which could have meant ALL-NEW X-MEN.

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@g_man: Yeah, alt futures stories are some of my favorites. All these little teases sound like interesting stories, especially Apoc in Space.