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@g_man: Wow, I'm surprised you decided to film this video in a different room or view? I guess, I'm not really sure if the Comic Vine background is in the same room. I do like this kind of angle because I can see all your neat toys and books.

Wow, there was a lot of good ones this week.This sucks that I will be a lot more busy on Wednesdays to catch any "best stuff" to post from now on. :-( I even thought of some the same ones these people posted. Oh well...

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im impressed that the background music actually fit well with the moon knight segment.

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I had one and now I totally forgot what it was

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@g_man I love your Harbinger shirt!! Pretty legit. :)

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i know this is off topic but i live in india and and stan lee along with an indian comic book publisher called graphic india made a comic book called chakra the invincible..... its only 2 issues in..... so if u find it pls pick it up its actually pretty good