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Posted by Crimsonlord53

Yes there is nothing more irksome then a dog bitting on you leg.

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Posted by SpitfirePanda

Great video! You guys always showcase interesting stuff in comics. I just wish I could afford to buy more >.<

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Edited by Omnicrono

"But bats eat insects." -Geoff Johns



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Posted by naked_snake

why would you make Frank sound like that?.....not cool man...not cool

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Posted by Sammo21

I am confused...why is Frankenstein such a big deal in DC? I don't see the appeal of the character on any level, so its hard to understand it.

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Posted by lifeofvibe

Frankenstein....oh Frankenstein....

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Posted by HeraldofGanthet

Hey @g_man, where did you get that Boba Fett in the Mushroom Kingdom T-Shirt? I want one!!

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Posted by oOSupermanThatHoeOo

You guys need to make your edits a little snappier or more abrupt, maybe even resort to a script format. Also get a better mic. The content is good, the delivery is just insanely boring.