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Wow, that was a lot of good ones and I think liked every single one. But yeah Black Widow gave the best advice ever! Lol Once again none of mine appeared, but it's understandable because they were all better than the ones I thought of.

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love the moon knight one.

What gives G-man? You run out of Batman T-shirts? Or just showing support for the MCU?

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This isn't the first time Peter has allegedly had a sister. There was a trilogy of novels, The Sinister Six Trilogy, that I read when I was in high school. One of the members of the Sinister Six was a woman named Pity. The Gentleman, the main villain of the story, claimed Pity was Peter's sister and he had abducted her as a child and tortured her her whole life and training her to one day kill Peter. Of course, she ended up not being Peter's sister, just like Teresa. But the story was pretty convincing.

All in all, this was a great episode.

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Moon Knights like "you cant touch this"

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Lot of good choices this week. Always a fan of the heat vision shaving gag when it's done well.

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All good stuff! And nice Cap shirt. Isn't there a movie coming out with him in it or something? Ha!

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I figured in the Ultimate-verse Parker's home would be a historical landmark.