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@g_man: Awesome Punisher shirt Tony and I think my bf would love that shirt too since he's a Punisher fan. I love the choices here especially with Thunderbolts, GofG, and Superior Spider-Man. You are so silly, spanking your own ass, lol. By the way, I forgot to mention that Worlds' Finest #19 was considered as a prelude to First Contact when it should have been a part 1. Because it show what happened before Batman/Superman and maybe that's why you were lost. It wasn't good anyways unlike Batman/Superman. It seems Greg Pak knows how to write the characters better. I hope I can participate in this week's Beststuff because I usually feel to more fun being part of it. :-)

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@iceslick: What do you mean you "didn't like constantine 11"!? It was awesome! *SPOILERS! It finally brought the Changing Man and Enchantress back into the picture. I'm still holding out hope that Shade joins jLD again. I also thought Nick's sham with Nightmare Nurse was kinda of clever too. I will take away points for that one page where Necro starts monologing. I almost fell asleep on that. But that gag where constantine points out that Felix Faust is behind the trapps andthat he hates him especially when he talks about himself in the 3rd person. Then at the end of the comic, Felix comes in and blasts constantine in the back and says " looks like you have underestimated Faust". Lol It was good. It was my kinda of story. I'm going to start picking it up regularly.

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I am sooooooo glad Bentley is still in FF, he is my favourite character out of all the Future Foundation kids.

Also @g_man you should give that Batman/Superman comic to @rorie I'm sured he'd love the puppy scene

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Heh the puppy scene was pure hilarity in its execution. I also liked the High Five scene from the issue.

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@lifeboy: The cameos where great and it definitely got me excited especially with Shade. But wasn't enough for me to like the issue. The story felt "eh", it really left me confused on whether this whole entire time Nightmare Nurse was actually Nicky since I saw Nightmare Nurse in the next issue. It really didn't prove otherwise if he was lying or not. Plus, it felt too rushed and I didn't like the art. Sorry if I didn't the issue though.

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