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Great stuff this week! And your shirt is better than the Punisher's. Ha!

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@g_man: Maybe that's why Batman keeps Alfred in the Batcave, to clean all the bat-poop. lol Sucks, I couldn't participate in Beststuff due to a recent passing of a family member. But I very much enjoyed The Punisher, New Warriors, Nova (T-HORSE! Ha!), Amazing X-Men and Daredevil ( I can't believe I missed the lettering when I read it). I still have to catch on Uncanny X-Men tomorrow.

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@g_man: I'm assuming The Punisher just love wearing comic book t-shirts because they got style! ;-) Remember when he wore this shirt? Lol

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yeah doing the scrooge mc duck isn't really a good idea

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Punisher and New Warriors are great

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@darkvare: haha. For some reason I never got into Family Guy. Maybe I should've?

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I haven't read Quantum and Woody, but this had me laughing. I don't have any room on my pull list at the moment, but I'm definitely moving this up on my trade back list.

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Aracely is just the best supporting character in all of comics currently PERIOD!

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Loving Red Hood & the Outlaws again. It's nice to get out of the Amnesia story and go back to what the comic is truly about. Fun adventures!

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@darkvare: haha. For some reason I never got into Family Guy. Maybe I should've?

It's a funny show, but it's not as funny as people claim it to be.

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I'm so glad you guys included Fatness Everdeen, that was my overall favorite thing this week.

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i like that quentin quire eats quitos (i guess a form of doritos).

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Yay! DuckTales reference.