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Lol..that's the best reason for Batman not always being polite. Man, I thank the others for thinking of ideas that I didn't think of when I read most of those books especially the anchovies. lol Thanks Tony, for using my shark one, I thought it was the best one I came up with.

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wow im surprise that Batman/Superman issue didnt get "The Best Homage to The Dark Knight Returns"

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I did not notice that when reading Black Widow. I should slow down my reading much more and be slightly more aware of what I'm reading.

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Your shirt = Win!

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Best part of monday as always Tony.

Best "no duh" moment Earth 2:

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TKO means Technical Knock Out. it means they are not knocked out, but they are unfit to continue the match.

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Why is batman punching superman in that issue?

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Jeez. spoilers. I didn't know Bruce Wayne was BATMAN!

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I dunno G-man I think Aphrodite IX may be a contender on the classic painting. She also did the Birth of Venus as well. Oh also G-man is there any other way to contribute ideas? I am lame and don't have the twitter.

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They do 96 pages of Detective Comics 27 and it still gets mentioned just once?

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TKO means Tecnhical Knoc Out, not Total KO

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best of the week? B&S? awful arc & art

can't wait for Jae Lee to come back

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Well look at that, Batman punching Superman in the face gets front page again.

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