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first, nice shirt.

I guess I overlooked the star wars reference in unity

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Nice Parker digg, go DC.

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Emma wears more clothing when she is asleep than when awake.

Also, Superior Foes is hilarious.

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@themantisshrimp: Good point. lol

@g_man: Come on Tony, you're suppose to break out of the wall, when you are wearing that shirt! :-P

Anyways, Superior Foes and Mighty Avengers was pretty hilarious. I really liked the "butler did it". lol

I liked how Sybder is adding a lot of Batman: TAS references in Zero Year and that's nice how DC sneaked in that word that's written inappropriately, they are so lucky that's his name too (Nightwing issue). lol

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The sooner JL3000 goes away the sooner we can get fringe titles, like starman, doomPatrol, or freedom Fighters. Just my opinion though.

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Is Superior Foes any good?

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Batman defeats superman any day of the week. In fact he has plans set to defeat every single one of the justice league just in case they gone rogue. Batman has kryptonite just in case. Plus we all know who won in frank millers the dark knight returns.

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Is Superior Foes any good?

yes. extremely funny. just don't expect many a-list characters

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@jesselioce: But these aren't the real JL'ers. Batman doesn't have the drive that his parents' death gave him, Superman doesn't have the his upbringing, etc. So Batman 3000 wouldn't have planned for anything.

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@jesselioce: Personally I think that most of the time, it is a draw. For Batman to win the fight, he'd have to get in there early and neutralize Superman that way. The longer the fight goes on, however, the longer Superman has to destroy Batman's gadgets. (This even works out if Bruce has thought ahead to bring body armor.) Even with green kryptonite it would take time for Clark to die, and since the guy doesn't give up easily he'd probably expend a great deal of his waning energy getting it away from Bruce (the smarter thing for Bruce to do is to make Clark swallow it before punches can be landed.)

PS-I have always believed this to be an argument in comics that goes nowhere. People never seem to ask WHY Superman would want to fight Batman or vice versa. It doesn't really count if Superman has had a giant rock of red kryptonite jammed up his tuchus or someone has put a mind control device on him, because Clark knows not what he does-you'd react the same way if your friend swallowed a lot of drugs and was hallucinating. And for all the naysayers out there, Clark Kent/Superman probably prefers peace and quiet to destruction and mayhem else he wouldn't fight so hard to protect it. The Big Blue Guy probably spends his Saturdays (when nobody is tearing apart the city) thusly: Hovering about two feat above his couch in a bright blue jersey, surrounded by detritus like open boxes of pizza, a few buckets of barbecue spare ribs, a large keg of beer, and at least one huge bucket of hot wings perched in his lap with a foam dome on his head. Somewhere down below him is Bart Allen, Diana, Lois, and Steve Trevor, all trying to calm down an irate Bruce over the phone-the Metropolis Monarchs have been killing the Gotham Goliaths in Game 3 of the playoffs and the Man of Steel crowing every couple minutes when one of them gets a hit isn't helping. (It also doesn't help that Mr. Humorless owns a stake in the team and his best player had a Bill Buckner moment.)

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Love these videos.

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Blowing the smoke off your finger gun ... nice touch

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@lifeboy: Hmm they changed the clip, i was commenting on some actors who had to pick between batman and superman and one of the actors said batman wouldn't stand a chance. JL3000 wasn't mentioned. :-)