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@g_man: *face-palm* I noticed you said Storm instead of Jean Grey. lol That was a cool Mario cameo and I didn't noticed it while reading Superior Spider-man. I think the Hulk did have underwear...I guess it just got ripped in the process. lol Thanks for using one of mine. :-)

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@iceslick: Nope. I said "Xorn." Not Storm. Watch it again.

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Thank God you did the Super Mario cameo from Superior Spider-Man. I would have lost faith in you if didnt.

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@g_man: Oh wow it sounded really close to Storm. I didn't realize you actually said Xorn. Sorry about that I guess the face-palm is for me. lol

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@hushofthewind: I was planning on it when I read the issue. And a couple people suggested it too.

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Lol have to go back and check out the super Mario cameo I so missed that. The heroes rising the giant A gave me chills so I enjoyed that so in glad you mentioned that in the video.

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Chipmunk powers would be pretty powerful, look at Squirrel Girl!

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Hey, that's not a funny shirt! I still like it, though.

Another week, another great episode. Thank you so much for making these.

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Gman, from last week - OH YEAH! :)=

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@g_man You missed the Breaking bad's Heisenberg cameo in TMNT #27