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I don't like coffee and I don't like adventure time, but I love Tony's shirt.

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I want to block a bullet with a book. I always have a book

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"Best creepy kid!.. this week." LOL at how he says it.

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Dammit! I was in a shootout and based YOUR advice I shielded myself with a pulp book and now I'm in the hosptial! Tony your so irresponsible!

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lol your shirt is awesome, G-Man.

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@lvenger: Haha. No. If I could easily do that, I would've done it on myself as well.

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@g_man: Is that how it appeared in the comic? I thought you censored it for use in your video.

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♪ im half the man i use to be ♪

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that smooch reminds me of the demon smooching batman can anyone find the scan and put on here?

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It's nice to see some comic companies are willing to allow uncensored finger gestures without ruining the issue *cough Zero Year cough*

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Haha, Deadpool/Wolverine smooch was from me. You can all thank me now!

Thank you.

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Can't help but feel that Deadpool looked and acted like an old, drunk drag queen. I'm interested to see how Iceman ended up becoming what appears to be a Hulk-like mindless beast.

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come at me bro! thanks for the shout out @g_man

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Haha, Deadpool/Wolverine smooch was from me. You can all thank me now!

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cool T-Shirt

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"Come at me bro!"...best line from Legacy so far!

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I love it!