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.....Tony,that was a bad pun!!! (lol jk)

But you just gave away Batman's identity

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That karate pose was so corny @g_man .lol Awesome video though, I think you drank too much coffee you got excited when you spitted there. lol

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No "Best mention of Batman in Marvel comics"?:(( (From Deadpool #11)

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Owww! You spit in my eye!

No seriously, how cool was JLA #4 bringing out the invisable plane....

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who needs hugh jackman!? haha

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The "thumbs up" ahahaahahha ;D

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The Thumbs Up comment was hilarious!

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Karate Kid Jumpkick in Superboy is pretty awesome.

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Please be aware that I couldn't care less....

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Wax on... wax off...

Next month Superboy will catch a fly with chopsticks

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If I ever see you irl Tony, I'll give you a thumbs up too!