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Love the shirt!

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LOL Perywinkle Superman! Awesome! They should ad more humor like that to the regular title.

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Would you call Damian… Bratman?

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Ah yes, the Architects of Fear reference for the Ozymandias book. Awesome kudos even if its not really a new idea we've known about regarding Moore's inspirations. Great stuff!

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Tony you're a goofball.

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R.I.P. Joey, Dee Dee, and Johnny.....

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Periwinkle is best kryptonite.

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Batman trained all his life til he was an adult this little twerp Damian is a joke

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@Fantasgasmic: QFT

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Great stuff this week, don't understand all the Damian hate though .

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Perrywinkle is even better than Silver Kryptonite that made Superman act like a spoilt brat.

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Best first page this week - Invincible #1

Best sound effects to a death this week - Invincible #1

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@Mucklefluga: what were the sound effects?

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@weaponx said:

@Mucklefluga: what were the sound effects?


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@Mucklefluga: haha, nice

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Yes! I loved the gag reel at the end

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Great stuff ! unbelievable !

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I like this

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loved B&R annual

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watch out, thats the aire to the throne, or the cave.. well hes the only blood relative with a first pic has always been Dick Grayson.

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Actually that is the premise for the vonnegut book The Sirens of Titan." Great book.

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This was a great anuall

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@irmensul: haha, funny, but the new Robin is pretty cool.

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Was he hugging that red dinosaur?