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instead of young avenger you said young justice

whale fail

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That video was full of the best stuff.

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Deadpool vs Lincon sunday sunday sunday at the monster truck rally!

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young avengers not justice

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OHMYLANTA how could you not post when in Deadpool #4 he says Hadouken & then there's the best one where he says "SHAZAM!" lolol that had me laughing so hard & you totally missed it, but why?!

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you didnt get best kadashin reference in harbinger 8

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Lol Ivan drago. I MUSTTT BREAK YOU.....::gets ko'd::

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How about the Worst Stuff in Comics this week? Young Justice gets cancelled!!! :-(

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How this panel got overlooked

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@ThePRez said:

How this panel got overlooked

What is that second image from? I can't click on it to zoom in.

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@spinningbirdcake: the osama bin laden raid watched by the obama admistration.

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@ThePRez: Wow. Never would have picked that up. Nice find. I wonder if they consciously put Cap in the presidents spot...

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@spinningbirdcake: In the Ultimate Universe right now Capt. he's the president. He won the election via write-in.

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@ThePRez: I feel like I've been living under a rock now. I suppose that's what all the "would a superhero make a good president" talk on that podcast/videos was about. I loved the ultimate universe back when it was just starting. Maybe I should jump back into it. I've been craving some alternate universe stuff like the Earth 2 title from DC

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@spinningbirdcake: read Ultimate Spiderman its the only one that constantly is good.

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@ThePRez: Cool. Thanks. Did they start a new series when Parker died and Miles took over, or just continue the series that was already going on? That's where I'd start probably.

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@spinningbirdcake: mostly that, the new series pick up when parker dies.

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this just refuses to play

ah finally completed my mission to watch all of this lol good stuff

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Fun stuff! The homage to the Supes/Ali fight was most enjoyable.

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Oh how I want to read the Justice League issues right now!