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This week was the first time I saw the Dr Who/Star Trek crossover so I just had to pick it up (being a fan of both the Dr and TNG). What a great idea! Cybermen and Borg - a match made in heaven! Picard did have several awkward expressions though; I can't tell if I really like the art style or it is a little too (for lack of a better term) touched-by-an-angel...

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I know its not the comics but I thought in Young Justice the little cameo image of Robin, presumably Jason Todd, unless they decide to change stuff, in the hall of fallen heroes was really cool.

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a lot of great moments this past week!

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B TDK 0, there's aslo a Clown paint that turns into the Joker in the rain   

and a kid wearing a T Shirt  with the S symbol, at the airport before Bruce takes his plane to Tibet .(?)  Could this indicate that Superman/boy had already been seen in action 10+ years ago 

Bruce also turns 18 in this issue, so if he solves the case he was investigating and some time later takes on that plane, can we assume that he is about 28/30 years old at this moment? as he starts his journey around 10 years ago & Damian is about 11 years old?
Best Toy in a  comic: Rose & Thorn - Wonder Woman plushie

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We gotta have more Veiniac!! That is one gross dude, but I must know more.

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Dude, did you just say "wear a helmet" then point at your junk?


One year in to the reboot, DC has already screwed up their continuity with their five year timeline. They could have just said "years later" and left it ambiguous.

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@ncarolinasailor: The art style, for the most part, is pretty good. The faces are weird to me, though. I think it's because there's a uncanny valley quality to them, since the characters aren't stylized and veer more towards realism. Still, it's a fun read, and I love the covers (especially the one with Capt. Kirk and the Fourth Doctor!)

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isnt that the only word balloon on a cover this month?? no contest.

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@theTimeStreamer said:

isnt that the only word balloon on a cover this month?? no contest.

Wolverine and the X-men #12

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The Doctor, just hanging out with Picard, not talking about The Ponds.

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Best Button Push: Space Punisher

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The problem with the faces is that some use photo references from tv show screenshots, while others don't, and it's obvious.

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Dancer 5 had an awesome head shot too!

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That Captain Marvel cover is pretty sweet.

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R.I.P. Amy Pond.

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: Bruce did not know for sure that Talon ever existed but from Batman #3 panels, there is a conversation between Bruce & Alfred where Bruce states that he knows about some kind of court of owls as a "Folktale".... and the talon who attacked is making him believe it isn't so. What I think is he had probably drawn that sketch deriving out of folktales he might have heard during his childhood days or somewhere.

Checkout the panels below:

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Fun stuff!

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@FoxxFireArt: Its important to use protection...

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@kartron: You know I read that issue. Yes there was a folktale about them. The question is how would Bruce have a detailed sketch of what these folktale creatures look like. If they were based on eye-witness accounts, then that should be enough info to lead him into finding out more. And does this mean he spent more time looking into them. It seemed in BATMAN that after he spent those days locked in the upper room, he gave up the idea that they existed.

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@G-Man True. Some kind of rough sketch of sone kind of owl man or symbols might have been explainable. But as you mentioned, a detailed sketch like this one, is stretching it too far.
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More fun stuff. I look forward to these vids every week.

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@kartron: Maybe there's still more to the story?

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@G-Man: If there is, then they better let us know soon... hope its not some artist error that gets dissolved without any explanation....

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Hi all for some reason this video isn't working :(