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Posted by The Mast

This looks so clean and bland. I'm not impressed. This movie needs to be the biggest thing Marvel's done by FAR. It needs to be WAY more than a sum of the parts.

I fear it won't be. We'll see.

Posted by Watcherg6

I think i'd stay behind the Hulk!

Posted by gmanfromheck

I got some chills seeing all the Avengers assembled in the streets.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I'm calling it right now, them guys jumping down are dead Asguardian warriors that Loki has some how got from Hel

Posted by Olqavtoras

Can't wait!

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Posted by SpidermanWins

It was awesome to see them all assembled here but alas... the Facebook Extended TV Spot > this one

Posted by fables87

I don't really like Caption America's outfit. Looks off to me. Wish they add some more members then just 6 when it's so big.

Posted by RisingBean

I'm in.

Posted by Gambit1024

Hulk's such a badass. Am I the only one who thinks those things look like Ultrons?

Posted by shawn87

Got real excited when I saw this. I'm still not crazy about Cap's costume. He looks sort of funny and out of place rather than the leader

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@shawn87: idk, i didnt like it at first, but then it grew on me

time to change my pants...

i need to see this at midnight, I HAVE TO!!!!!

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Umm, why isnt this the one minute trailer!!?

Posted by DoctorTrips

I'm going to throw it out there that I think that Loki's army is the Frost giants, its way more likely than any of the other theories that I've heard, and I'm so happy its not the Skrulls. Also seeing the Avengers together makes the 10 year old Marvel fan in me explode with excitement.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Why not upload the full, one minute version?

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

YAY I loved this. I am super excited for this movie. I hope I can see the midnight premiere

Posted by BatteredArmor

The Hulk just looks out of place with them his cgi sticks out in comparison

Posted by 4Essence

@DoctorTrips: How do you know it's not the Skrulls?

I don't know what else it could have been in the trailer

Posted by thanosrules

So cool. NOW I am excited.

Posted by DarthOrange

Can you say hype!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Sweeeeeeet :D

Posted by dcfox

Don't like Caps new outfit. Hope he spends more time out of the helmet rather than in.

Posted by iaconpoint

I can't wait for it!

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I gotta see this!!!

Posted by DoctorTrips

@4Essence: "Who said they were aliens?" he teases. Beings from the Nine Realms, then, ventures Empire? "Closer...It's not Skrulls, I've been clear about that. Beyond that, we want to hide it. The identity of the alien race is not impactful. It exists in the comic books, but we're not setting up the Kree-Skrull war or anything like that." - Keven Feige, Empire magazine January 23.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Amazing! Saw it on tv while scarfing down Hooters hot wings and am watching it now again. Thankfully I have more wings with me to watch it again! :)

Posted by k4tzm4n

@InnerVenom123 said:

Why not upload the full, one minute version?

Thanks for posting that. The ending of that version of so good.

Anyway, congratulations, Marvel/Disney, I'm thoroughly pumped.

Posted by pacewun

Yea, I was thinking it was a bunch of ultrons too. Who the F is Loki's army? I cant front, I got the chills watching that. All my dreams coming true.

Posted by frozenedge

I was extremely geeked after watching that trailer. I know its gonna be awesome so I'm not even gonna doubt it

Posted by Backflip

I cannot wait, it's gonna be immense.

'We have a Hulk', <3 RDJ :P

Posted by fbdarkangel

Excuse me my ovaries just exploded!

Posted by blur1528

Time to go buy some Hulk issues!

Posted by Swiffer

Caps uniform looks a bit goofy. But I don't know what they would do to make it less so. He is just so bright. Still looking forward to this though...I'm worried, but I'm looking forward to it none the less

Posted by sora_thekey

*Jaw drops*

Posted by Tigerstriper

This looks great, I can't wait to see it.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

COMICVINE! You're playing the short trailer! The long one is here!


Posted by TheRedRobin96

I screamed like a little girl when the 360 degree of the team was unveilled.......my throat still hurts.......

Posted by Doombert

We have a Hulk.

Posted by Nerd_Herd_Major

Not much revealed in the preview but I am still amazed and can't wait to see this movie. Hawkeye looks bada#@ standing next to everybody with the hulk looming in the background.

Posted by Mandrewgora

Just one question... Will this movie be good?

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Posted by exlmagician

I really don't think Cap's suit fits him in this. He's more Human Torch than Captain America there. They need to step it up for this movie. I am for sure going to see this at the midnight showing though.

Posted by Gambit1024

Can't wait for the breakdown on this trailer :)

Posted by BlackKnight

I think they took the story from the 2006 ultimate avengers animated one ... but that's just speculation

Posted by ErisRon

Hawkeye's lame.

Posted by BritishMonkey

i really want for it to be my birthday now so i can see this

Posted by katanalauncher

This teaser looks kinda meh, doesn't like the effect Hulk have.

Posted by notarandomguy

you wanted Hulk, there... you got your Hulk now if fanboys can stop acting like hollywood critics about a movie yet to come...

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

Man. I can't stop watching it. Seeing Hawkeye, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Cap and Hulk standing in a circle together...just blows my mind..

Posted by HellionVulcan

@fbdarkangel said:

Excuse me my ovaries just exploded!

thankfully it wasn't anything vital to stop u from watching the film when its released lol .

i got shivers up/down my spine they did the 360 bit damn amazing .