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I'm in love.....not with the rapist in the Wonda-Hurl abomination clothes , but Harley....i'd give my last Joy Buzzer to thee...

"It puts .... the ....lotion...on it's SKIIIIIINNNNNNNNN!!!"

That dude reminds me of Carl from AquaTeam

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Wonder Wobear! What a awesome fella.

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That Harley Quinn is...just so....GIGGITY! Even her voice seems authentic! Zombie Totoro though, now I have seen everything. And..the rest of this video I'm just going to forget ever happened. Excuse me while I run for the bathroom now...

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BatTran and Wonder Wobear "I shave for no one!"

awesome. lmao

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Holy dear god. WOW, can't un-see that.

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Seriously. No one should see that for any reason. I feel sorry for anyone toting kids around and seeing that...aye aye.

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Wonder Wobear best comic con costume EVER!!!!