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From 1970 pretty good stuff. How far we have come with technology. Superman and The Flash can think so fast.

Posted by Revendawn

I love this stuff. It is so painfully bad and good all at the same time. Also yes I want to know what Jimmy and Robin are going to get up to.

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Holy sh*t, Tony's Olsen voice is the best thing ever!

Posted by Mucklefluga

That newspaper made me laugh so much.

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Love these reviews man, keep doing more. Reminds me of those Tales From The Garage videos.

By the way, what did you use to make those funny robot voices? Haha :)

Posted by jinxuandi

Wow a Jimmy Olsen and Robin team-up? Count me interested.

And yeah Tony's Jimmy impression is dead-on. It's identical to the voice I create for him in my head when I read him.

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Oh gawd, old comics are so cheesy sometimes lol its fantastic.

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Gosh, this issue is an example of how stories like this from back in the day are such classics. I love it!

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I respect Tony's high pitchyness.

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This stuff is great. You have to do more of them.

Posted by QuantomMan

I wanna know the teen wonder story