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Nauck killed it.

Also, Dustin Nguyen's got a nice rack. :3

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Todd Nauck, Agnes Garbowska, and Ray-Anthony Height were my favs.

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Watching the color work is mesmerizing. The MAC videos are always a highlight, thanks for bringing it.

Please let there be a podcast soon ... :)

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Alright I can't wait for this! Mystery Art challenge and I love Rocket.

Haha man, your artbooks must be a gallery of wonders Tony. I really love seeing the coloring process and the details they manage to put in. Great stuff all around

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lol the background music you guys picked while Brian was drawing was hilarious. hahahahhaa

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Agnes Garbowska doing a lot of that drawing/colouring upside down was pretty nice and impressive.

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I thought I was going to end this video feeling really let down, but at the last minute Todd Nauck saved the day with his terrific entry. The best by a mile. Peter Nguyen and Anges Garbowska's were fun too and I really like the Booch's different style for the character, it's a kind of look that I might expect to see on a variant cover. On the negative side, Dennis Calero didn't seem to take it very seriously and I though Ray Anthony Height's would be one of my favorites but then he didn't even give Rocket a head!

I assume the main issue here was most of these artists are not used to drawing the character, and animals can be really tough to do, especially when your job tends to focus on drawing human representations. Still, with GOTG releasing in just a few days, you would think every commission type going to SDCC would have been practicing their cartoon raccoons for the past few months in anticipation of the character's increased popularity.

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ironic how there was a common theme, they either turned the lamp into a gun, or rocket got stuck in it.

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Booch stole the show for me. He kinda made Rocket look more like a fox than a raccoon, but damn you gotta love the swinging 70's style shag pad he gave him!

And as always, Ray-Anthony Height is great!

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@nappystr8: Sorry to disappoint. I usually like to bring a little humor into my MAC pieces and thought it would be funny to poke fun at Rocket on his absurdly large weaponry for his size. I had another layout in mind, but I went with the one that's shown here. Bad choice, maybe?

So, as a peace offering, here is a snippet from one of the several Rocket Raccoon pieces I've done for a certain companies new project. :)

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@raheight: That's an absolutely fantastic piece. It's very impressive.

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One of my favorite parts of the cons is when Tony hits up the artists for this. Fantastic work from all, guys and gal. I wish I had half the talent all of you possess

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1. Todd Nauck

2. Agnes Garbowska

3. Peter Nguyen

it would be cool if you got more artists to do this, i love these videos.

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I love these..

All the Artist killed it!!

I love the variety of music in the video too.