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Anthony Bourdain seems like a cool guy to chill with.

Tony, you better get credit for the prequel

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I wonder if Tony ever saw the movie Tampopo. What with the loving descriptions of food, the satire of Japanese food culture in the 80s (which is essentially the same foodie snobbery he was talking about) and Yakuza, I'd think it could be a great inspiration for that prequel.

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Amazing interview as always. 

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Tony Bourdain is the MAN!! His show is a film nerd's paradise as it's full of film references and parodies.

And his wife is an MMA fighter. How cool is that!

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so buying this when i find it

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Man I'm really liking Anthony Bourdain after this...I was such a fan before (Food Network) and I REALLY dig him now!

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Anthony Bourdain...fan-friken-tastic!

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I love No Reservations and I love him. I have yet yo get the book, but I'll get it when I can.

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@Namor1987: Dude, he's totally a manga nerd XD ha ha that's so awesome! And a bit of a Japanophile :D

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Holy spit Anthony Bourdain is a comic fan. I never would've guessed. He looks like he gets high & drunk during his down times & chills. LOL I love that man.