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Great work getting these toy/collectible videos edited and released so quick. love em!

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Sure you could buy a car for $5,000, but it would keep on sucking money with gas and repairs.  The Enterprise keeps on giving...  Wait, no.  It really doesn't.  That's a lot of cash to spend on a model.
Thanks for sharing these!

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How do people pay for these? Wished I had money to buy these kinds of things lol

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So darn realistic and lifelike! I want...but so darn expensive.

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Always great to see a local jack (actually I don't know his name or where he's from exactly, just going on accents and that Dr Who is made in South Wales these days) in these videos! Good on ya son!

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This is the type of stuff I would decorate my house with if I were rich.

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Haha, "San Diego!", "Comic Vine, Comic Vine dot com"

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I want the old Enterprise!!! :D

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Really wish you guys would have Inferiorego do more vids, he is SOOO funny and sooo good on camera!! not that G-Man does a bad job.. just want more IE! mind you Norm does good excitement!!

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@.Mistress Redhead.: Thanks for the support.

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@G-Man said:

@.Mistress Redhead.: Thanks for the support.

Always ^_^

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Love the videos, keep them coming. It's nice to see all the different areas of the show floor.

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I'm not a person who's big on figures and toys based on comics/or much anything else. Though, even I'd want one of those Sonic Screwdriver replicas. The detail in that Viper was insane. Even the screen works.
Norm was pretty brave waving his hands around so close to a figure that costs 5 grand.

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What was the term Norm used to describe the Tardis being being on the inside than outside? Can't really hear it and my friends are always talking about it

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I don't usually collect things but... I would so put that Enterprise in my front room. lol

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@ferg: tesseract

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I wish I had the disposable income to drop 5000 bucks on a model but alas, I do not.

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@norman: Thanks!
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@Jolt92 said:

Haha, "San Diego!", "Comic Vine, Comic Vine dot com"

Hah so awesome

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Geez and here I thought paying something like 200 for a figure/statue was nuts but $5000? that's a brand spanking new top of the line gaming pc right there.  But I suppose the hardest of hardcore fans of anything probably would be the older crazier types with a tonne of spare cash lol.

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Very cool. I've heard so many amazing things about Dr.Who since the relaunch that I really need to check it out. Not knowing the origin of TARDIS feels like it hurts my nerd cred.

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that's cool