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Posted By Tmul501

War Machine used to be my favorite character when i was a kid. Great to see a review of his old book!

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Posted By N7_Normandy

Awesome stuff.  I like this new feature; it's nice to experience a blast from the past.  I"m eager to see some more of these reviews. 
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Edited By Krakoa

Wow, this was one of my favorite issues as a kid (with foil cover of course, lol). I also loved the War Machine ashcan that was floating around the same time. 

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Posted By wolfman54

I like this past review keep it up G-Man
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Posted By iLLituracy

More reviews of old stuff would be great.

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Posted By CaptainUseless
@iLLituracy said:
" More reviews of old stuff would be great. "
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Posted By sora_thekey

I like these Reviews... 
We're getting a look into the evolution of comics over time...

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Posted By Nova`Prime`

This is a pretty good feature, its definitely good for someone who wants to get into a character's past comics. I would say the rating on this was pretty spot on. It lacked the same action as today's comics but I think there was more story telling. That's what comics now adays lack in my view, they are great action packed books, but when it comes down to the every day lives of these heroes and stuff that doesn't involve action the writing seriously lacks. But I guess that's just how the times have changed, more action less development.

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Posted By Mr. Kamikaze

That was pretty fun. I would love to see some more.

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Posted By Mumbles
@iLLituracy said:
" More reviews of old stuff would be great. "
what he said
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Posted By shawn87

like the idea you have...it would be nice to see more reviews like this

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Posted By harleyquinnhawkgirl

wow I think that it was an awesome idea to review an old comic. Great job =)
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Posted By jarraku

keep up on these reviews its cool to see the past. I just dont care about war machine that much anyway so this wasnt for me but I would love to see others

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Posted By MadClawMannn

Great retro review G-Man

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Posted By Zniperking

I think you should called this Tony's vault or comic vault because of the many comics you have.

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Posted By Joe Venom

Wow G-man I think your on to something here, this "Random Pull review" was pretty interesting and I don't even like Warmachine. The energy you put into this made this very entertaining and fun to watch and its less spoilers you have to worry about so you can feel free to really share what you like about the book with us. 
So I say keep pulling them and I will keep watching them!

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Posted By cbishop

Love the review of an older comic, but it pains me to see that they're in your garage.  I mean, was that original X-Men art in the background?  At least find a better place for that.  Then again, California has a little bit cooler temps than the Nevada desert - I couldn't even consider putting mine in the garage.  It'd probably age them five years in one.  Maybe look into a climate controlled storage?  Or maybe it's time to get rid of some old comics (I've been thinking about that for myself).  Other than the pain you're causing, great review. lol

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Posted By NXH

Yeah, I wouldnt mind seeing a review of an old comic once in a blue moon. :) 
It's something different and it is a good way to take a step back from the current status que in the comics at the moment in Marvel or DC mainly.  
 If you have it, maybe do a review of Todd Mcfarlane's Spider-man series.

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Posted By DannoMan

I like the reviews from the garage. Takin' it back to the old skool! I'd love to see more.

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Posted By carnivalofsins00

cant wait for more of these reviews. =]

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Edited By Decept-O

@G-Man:  Great idea.  I like  reviews of "older" comics.  Please do more of these.    
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Posted By aouric

First let me say this, I totally agree with everyone one here on reviewing comics from the past, its fantastic! Especially if there comics from the 80's or 90's personally!

Second - War Machine Comic couldn't have been a better pick for your flashback title based on the introduction of War Machine and tarnished relationship with Tony Stark.

I think this story in my opinion would have been more interesting for me for as an Iron Man movie sequel then Justin Hammer.

Third - please do more flashback titles G-Man, please! 

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Posted By GraphicCasualFreak

All ways interested to see more video reviews, keep it up.

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Posted By TrueBizarro

yes more...do an uncanny xmen one.

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Posted By They Killed Cap!

I love this review...keep it up
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Posted By azangarov

I most definitely would like to see more of these reviews. Maybe some more classic titles to see if they hold up.

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Posted By Luke Danes

 More reviews of old stuff would be great. Show us your garage! :o)

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Posted By pinchpaker29

More reviews please!!! :D this is great stuff specially for people like me who're only casual comic book buyers in the 90's... a lot of the old stuff please...

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Posted By The Cyan Lantern

Awesome, should review an old Bats and compare it to today.

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Posted By dr.x

I found it in $.50 comic book  box 

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Posted By jamdown

how many comics do you have G-man
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Posted By JeffreyBrown

the classic never die ( that's funny that last comment listen up you screw heads sounds like the right it came from army of darkness )

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Posted By Sidie

I have always loved older comics, so I definitely want to see more.

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Edited By Omega Ray Jay
@G-Man: Fantastic video, I'd love to see more of these reviews. I have just literaly ( like half an hour ago) boxed up my 90's Ghost Rider series for the loft seeing as I'm moving next month, I was wondering how they were going to hold up and your War Machine one has somewhat settled my nerves a little.
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Posted By JR_84

An interesting fact : 
the Penciler Gabe Geko is actually Gabriel Hardman who's worked on such great titles as Agent's of Atlas and Hercules. It's interesting to see an artist's work evolve with time.

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Edited By Valestis

Yes! I do want to see more! :)

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Posted By NerdKing25

of course I want more, your reviews are always awesome.

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Posted By SUPER-MAN 23

More reviews from the garage would be great. 

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Posted By Redfield

I'm totally down with more reviews from the G-arage! :)
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More Reviews From The Garage. 

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Posted By shawn87

how many comics do you have in your garage G-Man?

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Posted By spider-man 2996
@iLLituracy said:
"More reviews of old stuff would be great. "

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Posted By -The Renegade-

Yo G-man, you think you could do a video of your comic collection????

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Posted By MatthewMoran

Everyone . . . and I mean everyone . . . needs to have a girlfriend named Ray Lacosta . . . 
E V E R O N E ! 
(hey . . . beats having a 'girlfriend' named Ray Liotta)  

Oh, and G . . . I think the Retro review idea is pretty cool!  Go for it.

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Posted By Dark Cell

Yeah sweet  review man, love to see some more!

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Posted By joey11145

I have that comic.
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Posted By Night Thrasher

Garage Reviews are the shiznit. More please.

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Posted By ShawnMichael

War Machine = Iron Man - Douchebag

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Posted By ultimategirlshileha1236

cool i like this do more reviews on old comics
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Posted By Malgara

This took me back to the past during the summer of '94 worked at a comic book shop seeing alot of these old issues give me a twinge of nostalgia. Good work sir.

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