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who's the other girl with kelly??

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I need her shoes....

And pulled Pretty Deadly as soon as it was available. Image + DeConnick = no brainer

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Kelly Sue's shoes look like they were bought at a Gene Simmons charity auction. But that won't stop me from checking out Pretty Deadly.

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@missj is kelly sue deconnick the same height as you if she wasn't wearing those shoes?

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Absolutely <3 Kelly Sue! Her Cap. Marvel is great, and I really loved her Supergirl before the New 52 reboot. Had the pleasure of meeting her months back with her hubs Matt Fraction and they are awesome people :)

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Cool video! Thanks!

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@missj: I do too! But that was over exaggerated in there. lol

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I <3 Carol Danvers.

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@missj What's with over excitement with you two ladies? It looked so weird watching that....lol

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I like her run in Captain Marvel