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I think this is the first time I've ever seen Chris Yost's face. Absolutely love his writing.

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Disappointed that scarlet spider is ending.

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I also want Kyle and Yost to do another New X-men/Academy X series

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@danhimself: I agree I was soooo pissed off myself when I read that issue.

But despite of that I'm still loving what a wonderful job Yost has been doing in Scarlet Spider and Superior Spiderman Team Up. I can't wait to see what what he will be writing next year.

@g_man, I guess I should have listened you that it wasn't gonna be Ben Reilly. I was hoping for him to return to have a confrontation with Octo-spidey. Oh well. :-(

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Awesome...that's 3 titles being cancelled off my pull list in the past month.

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@iceslick: I so wish I was wrong. It just seemed too good to be true. And it was. :( Funny thing is I even got into a...discussion on Friday how Ben is still "alive."

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Yeah, Yost is great. New X-Men, X-Force and his Red Robin run were all fantastic reads.

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Love his enthusiasm for Thor: The Dark World!

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Shame to see Scarlet Spider end. I hope we see Kaine after Scarlet Spider ends. It would be great.

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@g_man: That's cool, I do remember hearing your theory in the podcast couple of times. I do hope it's true and who knows maybe Yost is doing an all-new Marvel "Now!" relaunch of Scarlet Spider with Ben Reilly next year. Man if only that dream would come true. lol

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So selfishly I want him back on the xmen titles, or at least continue Scarlet Spider. I'm sure he wants to explore new characters, but I'll always hope for more X-titles from him in the future.

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I loved the Bender walking by right at the start!

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I hope Kaine doesn't just disappear into some void somewhere. I want his character's story to continue. Put him in a team book or something.....Marvel seems to be favoring team books lately with all the Avengers and X-men titles. (.....they need more single hero books....)

Maybe he could be in the thunderbolts, seeing as Flash might be losing his symbiote. They'd be down a spider character. Kaine could easily fill that void.

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Well that is probably the worst comic news in a long time. Looks like no more Spider-titles for me until Peter comes back. Will be interested to see what Yost is working on in the future, maybe he could write Moon Knight or Ghost Rider since he does such a great job with anti-heroes. If marvel thinks this will bring people running back to Inferior Spider-Man, guess again, not that desperate.

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Sucks that Scarlet Spider is getting canceled. Just when it was starting to get interesting again.

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Captain Marvel, Morbius, Ultimate X-Men, and Avengers Arena all sell lower than Scarlet Spider yet they're all still ongoing?

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He's gonna write something "Superior".......Superior Venom,or Superior Kaine,or something.....spider something,is a certain.

BTW the guy's awesome,and he should write Peter Parker,sometime.

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This was cool even if the audio levels felt a bit off. Very excited for the new Thor movie now that I realize Yost is helping with it. Thor's dialogue was flawless in the Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon though I'm not sure if he wrote those bits himself.