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We'll have a full regular preview later.

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I hate the ideas of street kids being robins. It makes robin form a person into a gang.

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@obsidian_raindrop1: I agree, I don't like the premise but I like the storyline so far. I'm only reading because of Duke Thomas, and the good writing.

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@obsidian_raindrop1: So do you equally hate the Jokerz (?), because the'll be showing up soon and it looks like the next story arc is gonna be Gangs of New York meet the Warriors.

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That was some great dialogue from Dick Grayson. The background music just made it sound more epic. Hyped for the event.

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@nightfang: No, the Jokerz are a gang and evil who are inspired by a madman. It's wrong for a hero to let street kids fight crime. We give Batman a pass with one robin, but this is ridiculous. They should be locked up for there own good.

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This was fun to watch. Do more of them.

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The music! I almost felt a tear...

How many Robins are there? I mean in the "We are Robin" team.. I thought there were less.

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Oh yeah? I am Batman. Ha! Another sweet video.

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I've figured out the WAR groups super power...the ability to make everyone sound and act like an idiot. First Alfred and now Dick.

I mean sure if they didnt have casualties or bad rep I could see Dick helping them, Tim should be telling them to go home or at best just pass along info when it comes along,Jason should be pissed,Damian should be murderous.

I trust King but the group is better off on their own instead of working with the actual Robins.

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ROBINS? They are a MEGA SUICIDE SQUAD,there are too many

Fight crime isn´t easy, many of them end up dying...

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@g_man: Thanks for the link. Gonna watch them all.

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really enjoyed this one... prob my favorite preview theatre so far.. i honestly wish we can get full issues like this. its like books on tape/ audible but better.

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More MOre MORE!!! Awesome stuff Gman!