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I dunno, Mark Waid's run on Daredevil was pretty good, but after thirty six issues I just really wanna go back to the usual dark and grim DD story, kinda sick of Matt having a "good" life. Someone make it miserable again!!

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I really wanna now how SpOck reacts thinking he was having a hard time beating a blind guy

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I'll miss the Kitchen :( Will be picking this up Friday.

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Definitely getting this. I binged on the first couple of volumes of Waid's run after ignoring it for so long. I wasn't a fan of the idea of a happy-go-lucky DD but it turned out I was wrong (about a lot of things). Now it's my favorite Marvel title. It'll be interesting to see how everything pans out for Murdock!

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@hawkguy: he moves to San Fran? That should become xmen state. Why would the devil leave the kitchen?

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I love it. Can't wait for #36.

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Nice video Tony! This looks like it'll be a stellar final issue of Daredevil!

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So Murdock "outs" himself- it's NOT as if this is some kind of unusual occurrence in the Marvel Universe- Tony Stark has revealed his identity as Iron Man some years back- both can afford to do so as neither has spouse or children or other known family members to be targeted by either conventional crooks or supervillains!


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OMG! That muppet voice Tony. It's hilarious. And what are those squeaks at the end?

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Daredevil kinda became boring for me after that bug story ended. I'm interested to see how it ends though

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@hawkguy: If he got a break, he'd need more than bandages. He'd need a cast...to mend whatever bone broke... and the issue is regular size. 22 pages of story.

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It'll be interesting to see why he decides to move to San Fran, it can't possibly be because of this revelation... I'm curious to see what happens. Is this issue regular page count or is it going to be longer?

Also... what's up with Hawkeye always being bandaged up? Give the man a break!

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(W) Mark Waid (A/CA) Chris Samnee

The Astounding Final Issue!

Item Code: DEC130738 In Shops: 2/19/2014 SRP: $2.99

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