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Storm deserves a video game too.

It would be awesome since Storm has a variety of skills and abilities to make the game awesome!

Ororo Munroe all the way.

It will all start with Ororo Munroe being born and then the plane crash happened. and we get to play as young Ororo in Egypt fighting adult opponents.

We can also include Storm without powers and use Storm in h2h combat.

and we also get to have Storm fight Cyclops for leadership.

a Storm game would really be awesome.

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Posted by CanucksXVX

a flash,aquaman, hawkman, wolverine, xmen, JLA, JSA, Teen Titans Arkham style video game

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Posted by KainScion

a storm video game would suck so much. WOLVERINE!!!

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Posted by PATTX

Punisher had video games but none faithful to comics so id like a game with his full story childhood Vietnam crime central park franken-castle............

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Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Man, Mark Waid's idea makes a lot of sense to me. Alas in my opinion, I think an awesome comic character to get a video game would have to be...


This guy...now who else agrees with me?

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Posted by TheBuck

Both Wolverine and X-men have had their share of games over the years we need something new. I would like to see a Dr.Strange side scroller that plays like Symphony of the Night (Castlevania ). A First Person Punisher game. A spots game with any hero/villain where they can use their powers,think,Mutant League Football, Super Dodge Ball or NBA Jam style of play. A Batman game that plays like LA Noir,he is the worlds greatest detective after all (still think Ralph Dinby is better in that field). An Ambush Bug game would be super crazy fun but I'm not sure what game play style fits him best. Would really love to see a 3/4 over head view RPG with heroes and villains in it. Their powers would be magic in the game.

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Flash deserves one.

Captain America and Thor especially after those horrible Sega games based on the movies.

Iron Man also.

A Black Panther game would be HOT imo

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Posted by NightFang3

The Flash, maybe Green Arrow, Justice League, Teen Titan, and SUPERMAN!!!

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Posted by RainEffect

A Superman video game would suck. It would be like God Mode was on the entire playthrough.

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Posted by AwesomeAquaman

Aquaman and Mera! Everyone really.

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Posted by Soulstealer

I'd like to see Sara Pezzini get a game. That's right, Witchblade.

Witchblade #132 cover

And instead of going the boring (in my opinion) route like we did with The Darkness; it could have a more L.A. Noire investigative and police legwork vibe and then blend it with the trademark weirdness magnet that is the Witchblade in the Top Cow Universe. Sprinkle liberally with strange, unique, and mythological enemies. Add some tasty visuals and decent gameplay and the thing writes itself.

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Posted by RedSteel15

A good X-Men RPG would be amazing. You attend mutant school led by Wolverine.

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Posted by WizardofSmiles

Love the Super Pat. idea..

How about Scud? You buy a new one each level.. Could be Oswald and Sol too!! Multi Player!

Madman would be fun set in the 50-60's w/ robots and a yo-yo.

Auqaman has a huge playground.

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Posted by Croaker

When the technology reaches a sufficient point of using your mind to control the game, Green Lantern. GL is practically created for that.

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Posted by Eyz
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I always thought a Green Arrow, in-between Batman Arkham A/C and Assassin's Creed could work. (with the parkour and AC's control of the crossbow - because you wouldn't miss an enemy playing as Oliver Queen, so you need the lock-on feature)

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Posted by NXH

I think we are long over due for a decent Spawn game.

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Posted by Sissel

A Runaways RPG game would be so swell.

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Posted by NightFang3

@RainEffect: A Superman game would be great with the right story and villain(s). "God mod" is in almost every game, God of War, Prototype, Hulk..etc.

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Runaways. Cloak & Dagger. Guardians of the Galaxy. The Hood. Jonah Hex. The Ultimates. Deadpool. Hellboy. Daredevil. Taskmaster. Blade. Echo. Black Panther.

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Posted by Joe Venom

Shadow of Colossus!

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Posted by EndlessKnight
  • The Rocketeer
  • Snake Eyes
  • Vampire Hunter D
  • Dr. Strange
  • Fantastic Four
  • Patch (Wolverine who?)
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Posted by ronettelevita

daredevil, elektra and a deadpool video game would be a good idea! and i know you people would agree!!!!

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Posted by Or35ti

Superman, Justice League and X-Men video games are a MUST!! There'd have to be a sh*tload of side missions, especially for Justice League so you can play as their reserves as well. I am thinking New 52 when I say this. Green Lantern and Flash would be very difficult but would be awesome RPGs. A Green Arrow video game I don't think would be very hard to make if they mixed Batman Arkham with Assassin's Creed. That would be amazing.

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Posted by Or35ti

and Tony, do you have a tattoo? :O

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Posted by Iron_Turtle

A game based on the new Action Comics Superman would be pretty great

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Posted by GBrutality

all my ideas are games that'd need the EXACT care that the arkham games got.

aquaman game would be insane.imagine when you have to go to atlantis? they could make that look crazy.

an avengers or justice league game that focuses on the team dynamics and really focuses on overwhelming peril.

fantastic four would be good because of all the fantastic places they go.

they will never do an x-men videogame right.

spider-man i think is long overdue for a serious good game. shattered dimensions was the closest and when i was younger i dug the ones on playstation and even the ultimate one but i'm talking the depth of arkham asylum, city-wide, but not so heavily focused on civilians and all that.

it's funny how every hero movie now as well as videogame get put to the standard that somehow batman holds.

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Posted by Mister_Sensational

I would love to see a Marvel MMO similar to DC Universe Online. Mentors could include Cap (Meta), Thor (Magic), and Iron Man (Tech) on the hero side of things and Red Skull, Loki, and... (I'm hesitant to say Mandarin because he's never really seemed like tech villian to me despite his arch-nemesis being a tech hero, but I guess he'll do).

Like DCUO when you reach a certain level you get inducted into either the Avengers as a hero or the Masters of Evil as a villian. Write a decent story that could fit in with current (or at least fairly recent) comic continuity, and find some way to incorporate the X-Men in there somewhere and you've got yourself a game.

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Posted by Primmaster64

Superman and Flash!

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Superman: Ok it would be a hard game to make but it's not impossible, set it in space and give him powerful guys to fight like Daxamites, New Gods or Dheronians(?) 
Flash: This guy is over due a game as well as a movie 
Aquaman: a Mass Effect style game set underwater would be awsome 
Green Arrow: Start from the beginning have it set on the island Olly gets marooned on, have him fight drug runners and slave traders, make it so he needs to hunt animals and collect plants and stuff to stay alive. The new Tomb Raider game sounds like exactly what a Green Arrow game should be. 
Daredevil: Prince of Persia style free running mixed with Assassins Creed combat and add in Splinter Cell Conviction stealth and interrogation, that is how a DD game should be like.

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Posted by feebadger

Milk And Cheese. Come on, you know you want it.

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Posted by emperorznb

Any kid who knows flash would finish the game in nanoseconds xD

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Posted by RedOwl_1

@spiderbat87: Yeah I think the same especially with Green Arrow, I have the worst marksmanship ever so for me will be cool play like someone that isn't as bad as me in marksmanship (what a little word)

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Posted by wdchefdave

Still waiting for Rocketeer or Black Panther.
I fought well with Aquaman in that old Genesis game with the JLA... and Captain America & The Avengers was kinda boring towards the end... but, it had Wonderman and the "white" Vision as help!

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Posted by LordRequiem

Bethesda, having outdone themselves with Skyrim, should do an openworld superhero/villain game. Something along the lines of Planescape: Torment, if I'm right in saying where the character develops skills and becomes more powerful as the game progresses. As for a character, second or third tier or lesser known. Morlun, Black Bolt, The Fallen One (his ambiguity lends itself to a fresh story), Sunspot, Cyborg Superman and Jack of Hearts are some that spring to mind. Obviously some suit this idea better than others.

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Posted by Nefilim927

X-FORCE!!!!!! Using a similar style as the Wolverine Origins movie game

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Posted by AndrewFranges

I agree with Mr. Palmiotti about Jonah Hex.

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Posted by Outside_85

We are long overdue for a games based on the original NTT where there could be an overhanging story chopped up into bits for each character (like how Arkham City switches between Batman and Catwoman) possibly give the option of making the game fairly open but how you progress will depend on the character you pick. (Though that might lead to a wobbly difficulty curve)
Ofc theres the option of simply making a game for each character where the other Titans can make cameo appearances (like calling up Dick for a clue or Raven for some mystical guidance).

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Posted by Lurkero

Am I the only one that thinks Iron Fist should get more attention as a cool superhero?

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Posted by KainScion

@AwesomeAquaman: a year back i would have laughed at your comment, but now.......... HELL YEAH!!!!

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Posted by KainScion

@spiderbat87: BUMP!!

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dick grayson

start him off at robin , join teen titan , become nightwing, and end it as batman

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"If anything it should be mom,err mmo" gamer fail or life win? lol

I think daredevil should get his own respective game, if they could find a way to utilize his sensory perception it would be awesome. If he could smell a bad guys trail, like batman can scan for tobacco in the air and alcohol levels with his tech in arkham games. being able to choose between matt murdock lawyer play, where you have to work a case in the court room using your ear for finding the truth, and multiple choice to question them, like in L.A. noire, then using facts learned to hunt at night as DD. That would be a sweet game, and with the graphics and wild new abilities games have now, its just time for DD to get his own game, with some guest stars thrown in of course, maybe luke cage, iron fist,and black panther

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Posted by ravisher

magneto game would be cool too

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Posted by Mutant X

Cap, Deadpool, Thor, Avengers, X-Men, Justice League, Spawn, Superman, etc. So many choices.

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Posted by Moon_Knight666

Taskmaster should really have his own game, based in a huge city which allows free roam and a decent length story line to it, it would be based on the comic book where everyone turns against him and he finds himself fighting off waves and waves of enemies. Everyone would be after you, you're not safe :D

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Posted by deactivated-578ee3f81c5e1

@TheBuck: the best detectives normally live :P

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Posted by DanialCarroll

Pretty much any comic character deserves one. I found it interesting that the picture for the video is Flash, and yet no one actually said him :)

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Posted by AutodidacticLad

Uncanny X-Force.

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Posted by GothamRed
The Exiles
The Exiles

I think It'd be fun to see a game based on the Exiles, visiting all of the different alternate earths... and doing it as Morph!

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A lot of X-Men and Avengers characters have made it into the "marvel legends" games and "marvel vs." games, so a surprising number of them have been covered already, IMO. As for DC, well, the Batman family seems to be covered with Arkham City and a number of JLAers showed up in that "DC vs. Mortal Kombat" or whatever. And then there's DCUO to worry about.

Hmm. As far who is most deserving and what would be most fun, I'm going to have to go with Wonder Woman. A Wonder Woman title done right, would be awesome. It'd basically be a DC version of God of War.

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