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first grade was hard for me

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^what the heck happened!?! all i wrote was first?

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Lol Higgins mentally working on a storyline involving that during the interview

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I think so.

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how would you prove it??

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Like a lot of the writers said, they'd just wipe your mind out if they sensed they could get in any trouble for it anyways

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Wow Scott Lobdell, what a unique, original, creative, and inspiring response you had...it reminded me a lot of your writing.


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hehe great idea but isn't xavier and other more moral telepaths kind of big on the whole.. only surface thoughts? if only for their own peace of mind... cause dam being that open all the time would be kind of stressfull to deal with all that information all the time.. almost like being autistic or reading body language all the time...

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How would somebody regulate that? Would the government hire psychics to invade other psychics thoughts to see if they are using their psychic powers on normal people? But then wouldn't they be committing a crime as well?

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They won't get caught

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As long as the "pshychic" is not invading someone's private property or using information for public disclosure to embarrass them, their is nothing to legislate. Invasion of privacy is a term that is misused by most civilians, or at least misunderstood. For example, the pic above posted by leokearon couldn't actually be sued for anythig as long as she does not directly profit from it. ( and even then since he is in the public eye, he couldn't win) So big no. Lets also add that their is no way to prove anything.

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Scott Lobdell's response made me angry.

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Yeah. Lobdell not so funny. But honestly now I want to see a bad ass mind wiping telepath go on a nationwide crime spree. Has that been done in comics?

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Yeah. Lobdell not so funny. But honestly now I want to see a bad ass mind wiping telepath go on a nationwide crime spree. Has that been done in comics?

That would be a really cool story.

To answer the question, I dont think they could either. Because there's no evidence and a telepath like Xavier could wipe their memory so quick that it wouldnt even matter.

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They could, but "these aren't the droids you're looking for."

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Here's what the promo image should have been but it cropped weird.

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We should be suing a heck of a lot more superheroes if we go after telepaths. Seriously, the collateral damage and cancer resulting from energy radiation would account for a lot more liability and legal damages than hearing someone's shame. Honestly, telepathy is so underused it's not even funny. I would love to see a character like Shadow King go on a crime spree where none of the victims remembered that they had lost anything. I guess this would be too cerebral for the average reader, though. More like "Inception" than "Superman IV".

I don't think many readers would get excited over a debate of legal history in which it is pointed out that the Roman definition of privacy would penalize information that was specifically harmful to the state but not info revealed to embarrass or get money from a private citizen and etc. Probably the wrong demo.

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All he has to do is work for the government and then he can violate as many civil rights as he wants to!

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it would be like ''Professor Xavier! You are under arrest for... Why of course I will happily help you gey your coat professor, that's why I came here for in the first place.''

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^what the heck happened!?! all i wrote was first?

prayers have been answered?

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how could you prove he read your mind and there no laws say what you think is private ...it just is private because in reality no one can read your mind....in the marvel universe who knows but good luck trying in enforce that

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No, because they are fictional and real world writers and fans are typically too lazy, ignorant or uncreative to actually create a strong demand for fictional laws with respect to such things concerning fictional characters in fictional settings. When they do, they will have a lot to do, including that whole prison with paper walls situation.

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The only way to prevent this is if everybody wore a helmet like magneto

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@norrinboltagonprime21: Or had access to the D.E.O.'s Psychic Firewall like the ones they've placed on Capitol Hill and in the White House.

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Arrested?... pffftt.. They'd get hired by the government.

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haha @sc:i agree whole heartedly

arrested ?! thats funny, should Storm be arrested with what she does with the weather? after all what she does can affect the planet's weather patterns, same with Magneto, should he be arrested for messing with the Earth's magnetic fields? Should Magma be arrested for messing with Earth's lava LOL

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I love that idea that there's no point in arresting people for invading privacy because nothing is private any more. You almost don't need to be a telepath because social networking encourages people to promote their thoughts out loud, so different values cannot be held for those that can already read minds. This would make an interesting story...

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You can't trust telepaths because you can't convict them. If you can't trust a psionic then you can't trust any mutant.

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The U.S. has taught me to realize that privacy is overrated, and up for grabs

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Lobdell's answer was the BEST. And Krul's answer was the one I most agreed with as well as Booch's...when it comes down to it, someone would have to prove that Xavier, or any telepath for that matter, was guilty of the crime of privacy invasion. There would be SO many ways to get around that so the question of could they be charged should really be changed to if they were arrested, would the charge hold to them. In the end the burden of proof would still be on showing that they did so willingly and with malicious intent. So I'm of the opinion that no, they couldn't be charged UNLESS they confessed to the actual crime itself. Then its a whole other story if a confession is made, one not made under duress mind you, but voluntary.

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He could be arrested for keeping criminals at his school and not reporting about them to the police. (Rouge, Magneto, mystique, Emma Frost)

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What about the federal government's illegal, unconstitutional wire taps and so forth?

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In order for it to be a crime Prof. X would have to confess that he has, there isnt proof when it comes to reading peoples mind because they could just erase any memory from the victim.
If anyone were to actually accuse any telepath of invading their privacy and "stealing their thoughts", they would just get sent to a mental institution.