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Depends on the villain.

Penguin sure as hell wishes Batman and his whole team were not around. Where as Joker gets bored with out Bats.

Luthor sees Superman as a threat and wants him dead. But Knockout came to Metropolis because of Superman.

But yes, there is an element of wanting to take down the fastest gun in the west for some villains. Gaining status by beating the already famous hero. Or simply because it would be unworthy of them to go after a lesser crime or let some other villain be the one to kill the hero.

Taking on the hero and defender of the city mantle paints a target on your chest for the glory and thrill seekers, no question about it.

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I like the old Gotham City explanation, that the costumed villains edged out the organized crime at one point.

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In my opinion they do, because you may be an average criminal until a super hero shows up, and then he knows he needs to step up his game to have a chance at getting away with anything, ergo super villains start popping up.

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Well a lot of the time villains are created specifically to go up against heroes, like the scorpion for spider-man. And there's definitely the issue of gaining reputation by beating them or showing your superiority over them, like Bane or Kraven. This may not always be the case, but I feel it's largely the case.

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Sam Humphries is awesome

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We have some modern day super heroes in several cities across North America, Maybe its high time we have some Super Villains.

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There are undeniable cases of this.

That's not to say that all super-crime exists in a city due to the existence of a defender.

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I am beginning to notice how Brian Buccellato always seems to be sneaking around in the background of these videos :)

But as for the question; it depends on the goals of the villain in question. The World Conqueror type (like if we take the JLU Mongul) are attracted to fight the given superhero, sometimes to prove who's boss and sometimes because they 'are the only thing standing in the way'. The Masterminds (Slade from the TT cartoon), usually have to remove the hero one way or the other because their complex plans are so delicate that they would fall over if the hero breaks wind at it (or something similar). And finally the Thieves (Catwoman) would prefer steering clear of capes entirely because all they want is to get clear with the valuables they just nicked.

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Short answer: Yes. See: Superman, Batman and The Avengers.

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Sam Humphires seems like such a classic nerd, the way he talks, dresses, his eye randomly dart around like he's watching invisible flies everywhere, and those glasses and that hair. XD

I love it. He's an awesome dude.

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It’s a catch 22 there will be villains do crime just to pick a fight with the hero. It does not matter how nice you are there will be one that would want to pick a fight with you Casper the friendly ghost had one. It was hunter that wanted to kill cute little animal friends for sport. He had equipped ghost killing bullets. The story was not that good but it is evidence. Care Bears have a few Professor Coldheart is a good example. My little pony has a well establish several that wanted cause genocide or wanting take over the land.

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Where there is light, there must be shadow, where there is shadow there must be light.

Isn't it something like this?

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Sort of ,probably lol

Its not like it matters anyway

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Only in comics because their wouldn't be a story otherwise. It's more like an arm's race. The villain needs to take on a hero so they need to be able to fight at a higher level.If these things happened in reality, the villains would simply go to another city.

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@Trodorne said:

We have some modern day super heroes in several cities across North America, Maybe its high time we have some Super Villains.

"Super Villains" would murder the "Super Heroes" instantly.

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Im sure im not the only one but ill probably be the only one to admit it, if there was a super hero in my city id do everything i could to become a super villain to take him down. Why? Im not sure, i like pitting myself against people to see how i measure up, i could just see it all escalating very quickly lol

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I think it really depends on what the motives of the supervillain are. Location of the superhero hardly attracts supervillains to the big city. Bigger city, bigger crime and more chances to do evil. Maybe some are glory hounds who see more chance for exposure in the big city. I have no doubt superheroes are probably part of what draws supervillains to big cities, but they are by no means the only impetus to drive them to large urban areas. In many ways supervillains operated in big cities before superheroes came along, so no, I cannot say with full certainty that superheroes draw supervillains to major urban regions. That is up to what motivates the villain him/her/itself.

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I'd say yes, but that's just the nature of the beast; you shouldn't stop doing good just because someone will try and stop you from doing good, because people are inherently mean to each other quite often, and there's plenty of criminals in the world without heroes or police or anything; so, when you have a force of good fighting back, things might get worse before they get better, but keep pushing, things will eventually improve as long as you push harder than the other guys, more than the other guys.

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Yes & No, It always depends on personality and motives. Some villians wanna avoid heros at all cost.

while others seek them out for the challenge, thrill of the hunt, etc.

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Yes no kind of. Like if Flash were to say, "Oh am I attracting villains?" and he ran far away to maybe draw them away, I don't think that'd in anyway effect Captain Cold's plans. Flash would come back and be like, "Damn…" as he watched his city burn… or freeze as the case may be.

However, like what we see in The Dark Knight Returns, Batman's absence left Joker catatonic, and many villains tried to reform or were dealt with. Batman specifically is a villain magnet.

Superman fights villains who are after vengeance, not money or power. He's the magnet as well.

It really depends on who these heroes and villains are. They all have different relationships.

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Actually it's proven somewhere that larger amounts of people in areas always brings out crime. Doesn't have to be comicbook baddy. It brings out your more common criminal like dope dealers and thieves. I wish I remembered where I read that so I could back that up.

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Yep, it's all about evening the odds, crooks need to up their game to beat the superheroes

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The tendency for supervillains and superheroes to collect themselves in the same urban areas is out of convenience for the writer. Any competent villain would live and operate as far from the central hub of heroes as possible, how often can one be interrupted in the middle of a heist and be surprised?

In the Marvel U if you lived anywhere other than NYC or LA you would have near free reign over any other metro area with almost no regular interference for some time. At that point open a map and pick out another city to take over until the heat gets to be to much, rinse and repeat.

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If I was a super villain, there is no reward worth being there. Bragging rights for taking on a hero successfully or being a successful super villain, hmm. Yea, I'll take knocking over banks in rural towns and keeping off the radar. Thanks.

Big difference between a super villain and stupid villain.

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 Which came first the chicken or the egg- do supervillains  appear in cities just because  superheroes do?- sometimes supervillains appear in cities just BECAUSE there are NO resident heroes!

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Down Town Man!? I must consult Madame BB

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Yes, but, as previously stated, it depends on the villian. Some want to hunt down a particular character, or group, and don't give a crap about anyone else, unless they're protecting them. Some want to kill everyone, hence, the global killer.

Joker - Batman

Loki - The Avengers, along with the rest of humanity.