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first grade was hard for me!

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Awesome video !

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Well what about the trauma that Darksieds Omega beams will have done to Bruce with his whole time travel ordeal  

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you sounded like a grumpy Yoda! lol

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Thank you G-man for this vid always love the psyche questions for the bat. I always thought batman was a bit obsessive and loon

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I would say that Joker would have been a normal crook; at least that is what he was before his "bad day" right?  And Batman, well he probably would have been a spoiled rich kid or maybe just a doctor; who knows?  But is Batman crazy?  Yeah of course he is, he has no powers and he fights guys who have god-like powers all the time.  For guys like Superman there is no choice, you have the power you are either good or evil.  But for Bruce it is all about making the Gotham that his father never could.  Now with the whole Doctor Hurt thing, who knows what Bruce will be like when he comes back.  But I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

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As much as they both had a "bad day" the circumstances before, during and after were different: Joker was already a criminal and let's face it, being the bad guy is much more fun, Joker is an extrovert, he likes what he's doing, so he keeps on doing it. 
Batman on the other hand was an innocent, his father was a doctor, so he would probably have some moral code already, when his parents were killed, Bruce would have been afraid and alone and as he got older he probably got more angry. That's when he decided that the innocent shouldn't feel what he felt and that the ciminals should, that's why he became Batman... because it would scare the crap out of anyone. 
As for Batman being insane, I don't think he is, I think that he doesn't want to feel that kind of pain again, so he stops making deep emotional connections with people or at least acts like a jerk to emotionally distance himself. The reason he trained Dick Grayson is because he was an orphan, Dick had nothing and was all alone, Bruce empathised with that and took him in, the only reason Bruce trained him to be Robin is that Dick would have done it anyway. 
Batman also knows that there will always be criminals in Gotham, which is why has to be Batman, it isn't an obsession or a compulsion, as if it were an irresistible impulse to act, but it has never been like that, he chose that life, he knows what he's doing and on any given day, he could stop doing it. 
Take that people who use cheesy quotes to prove some kind of point which probably isn't accurate due to it being a self-analysis made by the subject which is most likely biased anyway - and by that I mean "good video, it raised some important questions about not only Batman, but human beings as a whole, like what drives us to do what we d-...[(--)]ZZzzz..."
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@Billy Batson said:
"first grade was hard for me! "

I know right, no naps and no fun.
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Hmm...interesting topic 
But I think while they both shared terrible orgins. And they both would be fascinating to sit down and analyze what makes them tick. 
I think Joker was at his breaking point to begin with, a down and out family man looking to feed his child by any means drawn into a bizarre set of circumstances.  Joker's frame of mind was fragile to begin with, the chemicals, the utter failure of providing for his doomed family, and the irony of becoming a disfigured and broken clown that scare people to death instead of the failed comedian that no one laughed with. 

Batman was a child that witnessed his family murdered and no one coming to save the day like the star of the Movie he just watched. Bruce was searching for the hero that never came. his obsession is to protect and make sure this does not happen to anyone else. 
SO I don' t think they'd be able to swap roles, or be able to follow in each other's footsteps. But they do make great combantants. Chaos, death and insanity versus Order, protection and honor

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yeeeeaaaaahhh .  . .but the fun part of Joker is the "origin" part of it . . . 
Joker has like 9 origins, doesn't he?   . . . and the thing that makes it fun is they are all lies . . . if we just go with Alan Moore's idea, (which is by far one of the BEST Joker stories of all time)  then you could say him and Batman are compared as apples to apples . . . 
But I like the idea of the Joker being the enigmatic kinda "where the heck did he come from" and "what the heck kind of crazy is this guy" guy as well.    
example ;   Joker is the guy gets a bunch of small time thugs and cripples Oracle (Batgirl) . . .  in a hawaiian shirt.  but Joker is also the guy who is locked up in an insane asylum during Countdown, but somehow knows about what is going on with Jimmy Olson and the Multiverse . . .  
when you compare things that way . . . Joker "says" he is what he is because he had a bad day . . .but ???  using the Countdown Joker . . .  it is like comparing apples to kumquat.

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I am not sure if batman is a normal person, but he never had any feats of insanity except in the killing joke where he started laughing at the joker and then stabbed him.... I think that was an example of batman and the joker switching roles.

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Dunk Batman in acid and see what comes out

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Why are all of these old videos resurfacing?

Anyway, Batman and Joker are both psychotic and obsessive, but their psychoses are not in anyway compatible. In fact, despite their similarities, they are pretty much polar opposites of each other. Hence why they make such good enemies.

And on a side note, what happened to Bruce's parents happens to kids everyday, and none of them train for the next 15 years to dress up in a bat suit and fight crime. So, it seems likely there is some sort of genetic/chemical component to his psychosis. The Joker on the other hand experienced something so traumatic that it could turn anybody into what he is, and that's even assuming that his brain was not chemically altered by his accident.

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But isn't that with all of Batman's enemies. One bad day changes them into the monsters that we know now. I mean Harvey Dent was simply changed one day with acid thrown on his face and couldn't heal both sides of his personality, Jonathan Crane and Pamela Isely were pushed and pulled by people and turned into things they admired or were inspired by, all in one day. And Batman is the same, that's why he and his foes fascinating, he could him and they could be him if they had played it right. But the Joker really pushes this idea to its full force because he is the most likely consequence of Batman's obsession.

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@nappystr8: I figured, why not? This was related to the Red Hood Gang Leader article. The topic came up. And there's a lot of newer users that simply haven't seen them. If you look at the list to the right, "popular videos," you can see people are watching it. I had a little fun doing this one so just wanted to bring it back.

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I think my favorite thing about Flashpoint is how different Batman is as a result of his "One Bad Day" going differently. And look who ended up as the Joker in that timeline.

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@g_man said:

@nappystr8: I figured, why not? This was related to the Red Hood Gang Leader article. The topic came up. And there's a lot of newer users that simply haven't seen them. If you look at the list to the right, "popular videos," you can see people are watching it. I had a little fun doing this one so just wanted to bring it back.

So it is on purpose. Is this a recent thing you're trying out, or have I just not noticed it before the last few months? Personally I think it's really cool, I've been around the site for a couple of years but most of these articles are new to me as well.