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Poor tony! Oh well, maybe you could sell the repeats on ebay or something? Or you could host a simpsons version of the clone saga! :D

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@g_man: Oh man this is funny, both you and Mat had to deal with the pain of getting duplicates, lol. Well at least you got Marge.

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Start a trade thread or something. Maybe someone has 10 stupid sexy Flanders and wants to off load them for some Grandpas.

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Lego really needs to start selling collected packages for the minifigure line

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@amazingwebhead: So many people do blind boxes these days. And it's a way to get suckers consumers to buy more.

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@g_man: We suck at blind box figures

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@inferiorego: I even tried feeling through the bags. That's how I was pretty sure I at least got Marge. And I could've sworn I felt Grampa's head a couple times and put them back.

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@g_man said:

@amazingwebhead: So many people do blind boxes these days. And it's a way to get suckers consumers to buy more.

Well, I guess set designers and plastic moldsmen gotta eat too.

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the funny thing is yesterday i seen these for the first time and someone was feeling the package trying to find out who was in it =p

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Annoying that they got rid of the codes on various Blindbagged figures :C

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@g_man: Should have quit while you were ahead Tony. I feel so sorry for you and Mat, no luck. A possible helpful tip, when I used to collect the Halo Megabloks, their blind package figures would have a code on the back of the bag. Each code would correspond to a figure in the wave, so they weren't as random as they seemed. The codes corresponding to each figure were easily found with a google search. I don't know if Lego uses the same system but its worth looking up online. And if you still want the surprise element, you don't have to know who you are getting, just that you aren't getting another duplicate.

EDIT: http://www.bricksandbloks.com/lego-simpsons-minifigures-bump-codes-list-blind-bags/

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My brother was buying these bags up like candy, I think it took him almost a dozen bags and didn't get Homer. I thought it would be funny if I bought 2 and got Homer and low and behold I got a Homer and Maggie. He finally got Homer, and since he had multiples of all the other characters, I have the Simpson's family sitting on my desk.

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Marge's dress and Lisa's skirt are really frustrating to get right.

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It pains me that you got so many repeats, but at least they weren't all repeats!

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@alwaysbeclothing: But I guess the plus is it makes good video watching. Who doesn't wanna laugh at watching me get frustrated?

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Lol. I hate it when I get duplicates.

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Try feeling for the handles of the toolbox and mug. I've confirmed the Lego mobster from a different series by feeling his violin case. :)