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@iaconpoint: she was a member of the Comicvine staff, who did interviews and wrote articles. And was very beautiful.

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@themarvelfanboy: Who is babs and why exactly do you miss him?

Faction and Deconnick are really into the hornrims and hiphorns huh?

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She needs to work on her interviewing skills. It was kind of awkward (tbh).

Matt Fraction is one of my favorite writers. Looking forward to picking up Ody-C.

PS, I really miss Babs =(

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@simonm7: I don't doubt that interviewing someone is a hard skill to develop. That being said... I can't watch Jen interviews because they're too awkward. When Tony interviews someone it's more like a casual conversation. He'll occasionally look at the camera if who he's talking to goes on for a while, but because he's looking at them for the most part, the interviewee will turn their attention to him and it seems more natural.

I realize I'm just some dude on the internet, but having watched my fair share of interviews I think if Jen were to pay less attention to the camera and turn her body more towards the person she's talking to (body language is a huge percentage of a conversation) her interviews would automatically seem better. She's asking the right questions, but man it's hard to watch.

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I don't like how the interview subjects don't seem sure as to where they should be looking. It's very awkward and distracting. :/ I dunno if it's something you guys prep for beforehand, or if it just kinda ends up however it ends up.

That aside, nice interview. Always a delight to see Jen and Matt both.

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Is Matt Fraction trying his hardest to look like Johnny Depp? :)

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Matt Fraction is my favorite creator. He's so cool, so honest and just an excellent writer.

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Love the dude.

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Had me at big cosmic spacey sci fi