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Sit there and smile , sit there and SMILE to the camera Tony:)

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@bunkerbuster05: Well it really isn't TV. It's actually the internet. Gamespot doesn't do TV.

I loved that you guys talked about Jonah Hex. One of my favorite series!!! It's sad I won't see him in Injustice. But I would be happy if he appears in MK vs DC 2 or Injustice 2. Man I wonder what's the new DC video game project coming up!! :-)

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I love the part where Tony talks.

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Will the Tony S. Daniel video be posted later on Comic Vine? I love his artwork and would be interested to see the interview from SDCC.

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Great show here! I enjoyed this ^_^

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Great interview though I wanted more @g_man!

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Jimmy's so funny, love that guy.

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Tony looks like he's getting ready to sweat bullets