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Good ol' James.  Him + Comic Vine = excellence! 
HOWEVER...tell James to put a coaster under that cup instead of ON THAT SWEET LOOKING CHAIR!  lol

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It's always fun to listen to James on the podcast and now in video. It'd be cool to see more artist and writers do this new kind of segment.

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too much Robinson awesomeness lately. do you keep him chained down in CVs basement or what

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Loving the new sitting room. 
Great show too.
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This was great.  Having James Robinson again but in a video interview was a lot better than the Podcast NOT that the Podcasts aren't great!  Please continue with those, too, if you guys can.   
I've said this before and will say it again I really hope CV can get some more comic book artists and writers, editors, and other related pros for more interviews.  I simply enjoy listening to what they have to say, even if its minutia, it still appeals to me.  Hopefully the same applies to other users of this site.  
Only "complaint" I have it seems like G-Man and Sara may have been uncomfortable where they were sitting?
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next alex ross
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more of these please! with some marvel people too ;) or vertigo. or image.

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Interviews are great 'cuz you're getting right to the source. Hope to see more.


But guys...why so serious? Loosen up! Great interview, great questions, but someone needed to unleash some silly string, a whoopee cushion, an invisible monkey or something. 

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James Robinson looks Hollywood. I wish that he would keep his hands away from his face. It looks like he's hiding behind  them. Keep the hands down and we can focus on all this great insight!
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I like this, it's nice diving into the minds of these guys who write the characters.
But I do agree with him, if Green Lantern and Avengers flop...comic book movies may die out. So there's a lot riding on those two films.

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@War Killer said:
"I like this, it's nice diving into the minds of these guys who write the characters.  But I do agree with him, if Green Lantern and Avengers flop...comic book movies may die out. So there's a lot riding on those two films. "

Yeah I agree. Fingers crossed let's hope those movies blow us away................in a good way.
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hes right but they should still stop stuffing with the story though

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He looks like the saw-guy: D

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Great job.  I really liked this.  Its like Comicvine TV.
I once heard a comic character talking about trying to get his own characters/comic story turned into a movie.  He wanted it to translate almost exactly, with the story fitting into a movie of coarse.  But he didn't want to change things for the studio.
But he said that even if he lost all his ownership of the characters and the story, and the movie totally changed things leaving nothing but the title the same, he at least had the story and characters the way he wanted in his comic.
I think one of the reasons Iron Man worked is because while making it they listened to the fans, not just on his Iron Man Myspace page, but he knew not the alter to much of what made the story good.
I herd that the studio wanted changes like making Tony Stark a teenager, and stuff like that.  maybe that's why it was such a success.
Also I think Scott Pilgrim isn't doing as well because its target audience is so specific, it sort of excludes the rest of the audience.  I think some people who see it just weren't getting it, maybe... I don't know.
But I loved the movie and I haven't read the comic, so I don't know what was changed there.
I think if Thor does well, and then Captain America, and Green Lantern, and the Avengers, even if X-Men First Class fails, and as long as they are like Iron Man 1 or 2 (because 2 was still pretty good to me), then the Superhero movies will keep coming.  All this is just my opinions though.
I was hoping to hear James talk more about his ideas for a Starman movie, he said on the podcast something about removing the Mist (I think he said).  It would have been cool to hear more about that, if there were more. 
Something else I was thinking.  Maybe the comic companies should invest in more live action, or cartoon, shows based on their comics.  Like Smallville, like a live action Sandman Mystery Theater.  Not just turing their big properties like X-Men into a movie, what about an X-Men live action tv series?
Anyway, thanks for this.  I really liked it.
I hope you do more of these, with James or with other creators.

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Loving how James is appearing on comicvine every few weeks. He always has good stuff to say. 
And I would totally watch his crime noir.

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I would approve if this is the sort of content CV will be doing for The Big Live live Show: Live.

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I think the characters that are already established in films will be able to continue for a good few years yet but if Green Lantern doesn't do well I think it'll be a lot harder to get any other characters breaking onto the scene. I'm hoping we get a Flash film and that the GL film does well but I don't see there being many different characters breaking into film after that. not for 10 years or so anyway. Then it'll all circle back around and they'll get big again. 
Nice interview. You did seem a bit cagey with your questions to start but once the ball got rolling it gave a nice little insight. 

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So James Robinson would want to make a movie about Vigilante that's a very specific character. 
I do think there is some truth to what Matthew Vaughn said these movies are on the close to the peek.

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Die hard remake staring John Macain 

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Good interview in a nice sized chunk.  I like James but on the podcast it can be a little long sometimes. ;-) 
Some original superhero properties that were successful (either in absolute terms or in terms of profitability) include: Darkman, Power Rangers, Unbreakable, Sky High, The Incredibles, & Hancock. 
TMNT is the quintessential "small book, completely changed, enormous success" phenomena (with respect to the cartoon which allowed for a more faithful film adaptation) which studios have been chasing ever since.  Blade is a distant second.  But considering the value of something like TMNT you can't fault would-be licensees for continuing to gamble on small books and radical changes. 
Just about everything else is middle of the road performing with varying levels of adaption.  Spider-Man is actually a rare exception of a mainstream hero who's fairly faithful to the source while being a runaway success.  DC may have highly successful films like Superman or Batman but they're also heavily adapted as noted in the interview. 
What we can learn from this is that there seems to be no hard and fast rule... audiences aren't exactly temperamental (good films do well, generally) but faithfulness to the underlying material is no guarantee of success nor of doom.

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I can't wait until they get through all of the "mainstream" Marvel characters and start on some of the B-listers such as Moon Knight and Doctor Strange.

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Nice interview. 
"The first or second Iron Man?" Classic!
Funny how his work on titles like Justice League of America (his dialogue and plotting is unbearable) will make you forget that he's done work like Starman or Hollywood adaptions in general. None the less I enjoyed his thoughts on films and comics-to-film. I personally don't see comics-to-film in general becoming obsolete. There are lots of films that are based on comics that the average movie goer wouldn't even know about (From Hell, Ghost World, A History of Violence, Road to Perdition, the upcoming film RED). My theory is that people are tired of spending their hard earned money on prequels, sequels, and reboots on the same characters if you didn't get it "right" the first time (Hulk, Punisher, Wolverine, now Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four AND Blade??). With that said why would anyone invest their money on a film like Scott Pilgrim VS. The World or films based on supporting characters being developed (Ant-Man) if you can't get the icons "right"? I respect what Marvel has done with the comics-to-film genre, but part of me thinks their "rush-rush-reboot-it-make-a-sequel-even-if-the-first-one-sucks" way of doing movies is hurting the credibility of comic book adaptations in films as a whole.

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@The Cyan Lantern said:
" It's always fun to listen to James on the podcast and now in video. It'd be cool to see more artist and writers do this new kind of segment. "
             That would be pretty cool. 
@Nick-SV(ril) said:
" too much Robinson awesomeness lately. do you keep him chained down in CVs basement or what "
              Lol, they probably are holding him prisoner.  
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James Robinson says a lot of stuff that makes sense and a lot of Comic Book Movie Watchers seem to overlook!
This is an awesome interview/feature I don't want to sound demanding but.... MAKE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS!... lol 
j/k but I did enjoy this video a lot  :)

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@darkking:  YES
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You should put up a big screen shot of the Comicvine logo on the tv behind you instead of the website imo.  Love this stuff btw.

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Why have the bad guys (in the movies) an English accent?

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@Stormultt said:

" Loving the new sitting room.  Great show too. "

Yeah! Great set...
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@kungnima said:
" He looks like the saw-guy: D "
More like Simon Pegg
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Interesting :) 6